TV bingers unite! In celebration of the recent Emmys and the start of fall, we asked our team what they’re catching up on this season – and now have a new slew of shows that we can’t turn off. Whether you’re looking for your next screen fix or an old favorite, check out this list for some great ideas.

Lara: Parks and Recreation. I think I watched all seven seasons in the span of a weekend.  The show guarantees laughs with every episode – I wish Leslie Knope was running for president!  And that Chris Pratt is a fox!”

JD:Modern Family – fun times with the family you always wanted…”

Gina:American Horror Story.  I can’t watch it by myself so I wait and make my boyfriend watch it with me.”

James: “Joss Whedon’s cult masterpiece, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With 144 episodes – plus another 110 if you add on spin-off series Angel – this is a long haul binge that will get you through all the cooler months ahead.”

Nestor: House of Cards. The show highlights powerful people’s worst impulses to remain in political power… while fictional, there are hints of reality. There are plenty of plot twists, it moves quickly and it doesn’t drag on.”

Thomas: “Currently binge watching Ancient Aliens. I really like how ridiculous the show is.”

Claudia: Last Man on Earth. The main character Phil is the guy you love to hate but can’t stop watching. He’s such a jerk! Can’t wait to watch the next season and find out what shenanigan he gets himself into.”

Akane: “Anything HooplaKidz. The perfect channel for binging videos all over your toddler when she’s squirrely and out of control! Great songs that little kids love, and a great break for tired parents.”

Marcella: The Office! I love the private conference room where they let you know how they’re really feeling, and all the crude/witty humor. It’s uncomfortable to watch, but Michael Scott (Steve Carell) makes it impossible for you to hate him.”

Melissa: Fixer Upper on HGTV… Chip Gaines (That’s all I have to say). Actually anything HGTV… they’re all pretty cute!”

Alisa: Friends! This classic is always my go to on a happy, sad, or sick day. Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebs have me laughing out loud every single time.”


We’re excited to share with all the Lovatics out there that Demi has returned for an all-new Skechers photo shoot! After her recent fantastic “Cool for the Summer” single and video success, she’s back on-set getting started on the next phase of her ongoing Skechers campaign!  We shot and filmed at a loft space in Downtown L.A.. The space was visually as cool as her hit single, but the weather brought record-breaking heat that made the shoot a bit of a struggle in the old non-air-conditioned building. But with her adorable dog Batman on set to keep her company, Demi was a trooper and we were all rewarded at the end of the day with a beautiful roof-top sunset backdrop for the final few shots.

It feels really great to support a company that I actually love and wear. I have a ridiculous amount of pairs of Skechers in my closet. What I love about these shoes is they are very, VERY comfy.


As you know, Demi Lovato has been the face of Skechers women’s footwear since last year and now you can go behind the scenes with her in this exclusive video! She shares her thoughts on Skechers and the new campaign and offers insight on how changing her personal lifestyle over the last year influenced her fifth studio album, Confident, releasing on October 16.

Be on the lookout for Demi’s new print ads appearing in your favorite magazines in the months ahead! And of course the new campaign will extend to television—so check back for insider behind the scenes updates on an exciting new Skechers commercial starring Demi that’s set to premiere in time for the Holiday season!  Look for the #SkechersDemiStyle collection to grow with cool, new top secret styles that will be revealed soon!

How do YOU wear #SkechersDemiStyle?  Let us know in the comments!


Week 1 winner: @lcprize

Week 1 winner: @lcprize

From Mount Rushmore to the Aran Cliffs in Ireland, we loved seeing all the places you traveled with Skechers this summer.  You’ve helped illustrate how the signature comfort found in every pair helps to make Skechers an amazing travel partner at any destination.

Last Shoecation Sweeps Post 2

Each of our ten #ShoecationSweeps winners received a travel prize pack that included a pair of Skechers, sunglasses, a DK Eyewitness Travel Guide, and a cooling mask and sunscreen from Peter Thomas Roth!  Take a look at more of the winners below:

Several of our international Skechers partners also held this contest. Below are more great Skechers #ShoecationSweeps entries received around the world!

Thanks to all who entered! Check out even more travel pictures on our “all around the globe” Pinterest board. And if you weren’t able to participate, our monthly contest continues–tag us in your pics with #SpottedInSkechers for more chances to win!  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all our products and contests. And go behind-the-scenes through stories via our SKECHERSUSA account on Snapchat!



Huge respect for Sugar Ray Leonard. The legend joined us in LA a few weeks back to shoot his new Skechers commercial, and put every one of us to shame: at 59, he can fly through a jump rope and whip out punches faster and harder than any of us. The man’s got such incredible discipline and focus on everything he does… truly inspiring.

Sugar Ray may be retired from boxing, but the word is just not in his vocabulary. With his commentary for NBC Sport’s Premier Boxing Champions series, support for children’s charities and the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, which raises funds to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes, Sugar Ray’s heart is as big as his fight.

Check out Sugar Ray’s moves in the new commercial, and wait for the moment at the end when he throws a tongue-in-cheek jab at Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for thinking he could actually beat the legend in his prime. After seeing him in action, we’re putting our money on Sugar Ray.



BBQCan you believe this fantastic summer is coming to a close?   Yes, we understand that “officially” we have until September 23, but everyone knows that the last record drops on the party side of summer when the sun sets on Labor Day.  It’s our final chance to let loose and celebrate the sunshine so what better way to do it right than with a barbeque. Here’s are favorite tips for success.


Most meats will benefit from some sort of treatment before the big event so don’t get stuck with unprepped product at go-time.  Brining helps lock in moisture if you’re cooking low and slow. The solution can be as simple as water with salt and sugar but we found a great recipe for a pork brine on a meat smoking forum here. Marinating gives you the chance to create unique and amazing flavor profiles in your meats.  Plus, as an added benefit that many of us don’t realize, it also inhibits the formation of potentially carcinogenic HCA when your meat is charred by an extremely hot flame. We came across more info on the science if you’re curious.


Grill masters claim they can cook to order just by pushing the meat surface with their finger.  You can probably do that too with burgers but no need to show off with anything else.  Make your life simple and get a fork with an electric probe for testing.  Or if you’re cooking something big, you can go fancy and get a remote probe that will sound an alarm when the meat hits your desired temp. While you don’t want to serve your guests anything undercooked, always remember there’s no fix for overdone and your meat will continue to cook even when it comes off the flame. Pay attention when it gets close to your desired temperature.


Step away from burgers, brats and dogs and get creative with your grill!  Salmon grilled on cedar planks is always a favorite and easy way to add smoked flavor to fish. Shrimp skewers are amazing and super easy to do, but that might seem pedestrian when you have tofu and oysters to consider. Check out this this list of unusual foods to grill from the daily meal. (There’s a poundcake and banana split on there!) If you plan to break the mold with a new recipe or technique, consider a ‘rehearsal’ for practice so you feel more confident on the big day.


It’s easy to put all your energy into the main attraction, so don’t forget that side dishes can make or break a BBQ. Sides like asparagus, corn and potatoes are easily prepared on the grill. Light salads with summer vegetables and fruit are always popular. And this is the season for figs!  Slice them up, add burrata and arugula, then top with a thick balsamic dressing.  You can even throw the figs on the grill for a few seconds if you want to get fancy. Five minutes and only four ingredients later, you’ll have something guests will be talking about.  Or if you don’t want to be bothered, make the party a pot-luck and leave the sides to your guests.

Best luck with your end of summer grilling!  Let us know any tips or favorite recipes that you have in the comments!


School’s right around the corner… and before you celebrate having the kids out of the house and back in class, see if they’re equipped with everything they’ll need for fall! From basic must-haves to adorable trends that will make a big statement in and out of school, check out this quick list to make sure your little one’s ready to rock the halls.

THE BASICS. Gear up with all the necessary must-haves for class! The old school list for making the grade still applies: loads of notebooks and paper, pencils and pens, erasers and highlighters. Binders, folders, and pouches that help organize it all. Crayons, glue and scissors for the young set. Calculators and thumb drives for the number crunchers and tech-savvy.

KEEP IT CLEAN. From lunchtime to art projects and fun on the playground, it’s always great to have extra wipes on hand. Grab a bottle of hand sanitizer to keep their hands clean during meals and reduce the fall and winter colds to a minimum.

BAG THE BITE. Nibbling’s always more fun when you’ve got something new to pop, unzip and store – and a new lunch kit can be as important to kids as the actual food they’re eating (let’s face it, probably more). Box it, bag it, zip it, bottle it – if it keeps it cool and is cool to carry, it’s a home run. Your kid will love lunchtime with our new light-up Skechers lunch bags – now online and at select Skechers stores.

CARRY ON! Grab a lightweight backpack that’s big enough to hold all of your kid’s gear! Check out our stash of Skechers kids’ backpacks and bags at select Skechers stores and – in loads of exclusive designs, including Skechers’ very own cast of characters.

DRESS UP. Let’s face it – the first day of school is every kid’s annual catwalk. Make sure your little one’s ready with everything he or she needs: from a perfect pair of Skechers sneaks they’ll love jumping around in, to outfits they’ll love to wear for fall. Layer it up with hoodies, denim staples, plaids over screen tees for him, and leggings, skinny jeans and a fun skirt she can wear all year round.

SNEAK ATTACK. Hit the halls in comfort with Skechers Memory Foam, great for the long school days. Check out our hottest fall picks: everything from sparkling Twinkle Toes, hot-popping SKECH-AIR sneaks and colorful looks for girls, to Adventurer sneaks, Mega-Blade styles and high-flex sneaks for boys.

Want to get a jump on new shoes for school? Enter our Back to School Flash Giveaway today through Sunday on Facebook and Twitter for six chances to win a new pair of Skechers Kids shoes and a Skechers backpack! Check out the details here.


First row for girls: Skech Appeal – Pretty Please, SKECH-AIR Bizzy Bounce, Twinkle Toes Shuffles – Heart N Sole, Twinkle Toes Chit Chat – Prolifics

Second row for boys: Flex Advantage, Mega-Flex Mega-Blade 2.0 – TechTrack, Hot Lights Damager II – AdventurerFlex Advantage – Master Mind


In case we’re meeting for the first time: Hey! We’re Kirsten and Cristina, founders of POUND – Rockout. Workout and self-proclaimed fitness rebels. 9 times out of 10, you’ll find us sporting hand-cut rocker tees with a vintage flannel around the waist and rustling up noise complaints at the gym. We love taking risks with our workouts AND our #sweatstyle. We like to make our own rules when it comes to the way we dress.

And when it comes to footwear, our number one rule is SUPPORT! That’s why you’ve seen us rockin’ Skechers Flex Appeal and Equalizer training shoes — because we’re loving the supportive, comfortable memory foam insoles!

Choosing the right kicks for the right class makes all the difference. In the gym, consider three variables: surface, movement, and impact. Wearing shoes with more grip encourages balance on a slippery wood surface; a smoother bottom saves your knees and joints on a sticky or rubber floor; cushion and support are paramount in a class with jumping and quick transitions. So what kind of shoes can you wear for a full-body cardio jam session filled with over 15,000 reps of the best strength and conditioning moves? Skechers.

Whether you’re making noise at home with the POUND Rockout Results System or in the gym at a live class, POUND incorporates hundreds of plyos (jumps), squats, and lunges. For the seasoned gym vet or those new to fitness, it’s important to remember that proper training starts from the bottom up (yep, directly from your Skechers sneaks!). We depend on a strong, supportive foundation to help us jump higher, lunge further, and squat lower. Skechers’ innovative memory foam insoles keep us safe and strong in and out of the gym.

Learn more about the POUND Girls and their POUND Rockout Results System at and on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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