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With the annual holiday that celebrates those in love or yearning for love only a few days away, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share how a few of our popular Skechers women’s styles easily pair with classic ideas for gifting your Valentine.

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Candy message hearts have been a yearly Valentine’s Day treat for decades.  Each one printed with words that read “kiss me”, “true love”, and the always classic “be mine” offer a cute way to share your feelings that you might otherwise not be able to say out loud.  The Relaxed Fit Empire—Heart to Heart style in pink matches up perfectly with the fun and flirty little pastel sweets.

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They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any other to express the desire to take that relationship to the next level. Of course when it comes to diamonds, it’s not the size of the rock that matters, but the shine of the bling. The new Burst—First Glimpse in silver and white offers bling in spades with a crisp and cool design that’s befitting any potential spouse. And no matter what the cut of the ice may be, these shoes are sure to complement perfectly. The real question is…are you ready to commit?  Diamonds, after all, are forever.

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While flowers may certainly be a reliable standby expression of thoughtful love, going with something other than the standard red roses says there was actually some legitimate thought put into it. When thinking outside the box, possibilities are endless and personality is sure to come through to your Valentine. The slip-on Glider—Posies with an aqua and flower patterned upper design is also high on personality by expressing that halfway through February, you’re already thinking about spring.

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From drug stores to grocery stores to department stores, every retailer is hawking heart-shaped boxes of chocolates this time of year—it’s unavoidable!  Cut through the clutter and this perennial gift can still be a winner with a few tips.  Go with a small box—no one wants 40 chocolates calling them to eat more—and go with something high-end because an exquisite exotic and sensual piece of dark chocolate is worth an extra ten minutes on a treadmill. The comfortable Relaxed Fit Career—First Impression follows these same rules as it offers a simple and polished profile but is constructed with luxurious distressed leather.

How will you express yourself to your special someone this Valentine’s Day?  Let us know in the comments!


On Kingston and Kai: Skechers Kids – Neutron in Gunmetal/Blue and Black/Silver.

For many little ones, one of the classic rites of childhood is sibling rivalry: whether it’s taking each other’s toys or too much space in the car, kids find all sorts of creative ways to battle. Fortunately, there are just as many ways parents can encourage them to think less like warring brothers and sisters, and more like BFFs. Get them to realize that they can be powerful contributors to their siblings’ lives, and each other’s greatest sources of comfort. Did your sister ace a test today? Celebrate it. Does your brother want his door closed? Respect it. Sharing is caring! Reject hitting and rudeness, and ask how they can solve their own conflicts (a great tool for grown-ups as well).

How do you keep the peace at home? Tell us in the comments!


Whether you’re a hard core Denver or Carolina fan, ready to pick a side for the day because it wasn’t your team’s year, or you’re just in it for the commercials and party, this Sunday ranks up there with the most American of holidays…a celebration of sport and football on the surface, but really an excuse to invite over all your friends and throw the biggest party of the year so far. Then you can sit back and relax in a pair of comfortable Skech-Air Infinity sneakers.

Chicken Wings

You probably have the basics sorted by now. A wide variety of drinks of course are a given. You’ve got your chips and dips. Fresh veggies and more dips. Crackers, cheese…and even more dips. (That’s a lot of dips!) But if you want to really step up your party game, you’ll need to do more prep. A favorite game time snack is buffalo wings—but to do it right we’re not talking the frozen stuff that comes in a bag. Make a few batches of fresh wings from scratch and you’ll have people talking about it well after the trophy ceremony after the game. Alton Brown’s recipe is a great foundation to start with that will ensure your final product is perfectly crispy and tasty. His steam render then baking on a wire rack technique has won rave reviews. Then, when they’re done, you can tailor the sauce to add your own personal flare. Serve them up with blue cheese dressing (technically not a sauce) and they’ll be gone by halftime.

The best parties are about more than just the snacks! Lace up your Relaxed Fit shoes and get outside to toss the pigskin. If you’ve got a few generations of friends and family over, you can even play your own version of the game with dad in the old school soon-to-retire veteran role vs the hotshot twentysomething QB with the new school does-it-all mentality. Get the kids involved too! If the game on TV is a blowout, this might be more fun than watching!

Let us know your big game party secrets in the comments! And don’t forget to tell us who you’re rooting for this year!


We’re thrilled to share that pop star Meghan Trainor’s debut for Skechers is nearing launch!  We caught up with the “All About that Bass” singer on set as she was shooting new print ads that you’ll be spotting in magazines very soon. Not only will this be Meghan’s first campaign for Skechers, she’ll also be launching a totally new collection that we’re calling Skechers Originals. As you’ll see, these colorful retro throwback sneakers are a fun way to show off more than a little personality. A true original herself, we gave Meghan fun props to help convey the vibe of this cool collection and she brought it all together amazingly with style.

Meghan dug that the shoes not only “look really dope”, but were super comfy too. Check out this behind the scenes video for a preview of what’s to come in the #MTrainSkechers collection!

Her ad below is just the beginning!  Meghan is keeping busy with her new album Thank You releasing later this spring and she’ll be back on set in the weeks ahead to shoot her first television commercial for Skechers!  We’ll have a preview of that soon, so stay tuned!  And don’t forget to follow Meghan on InstagramTwitter and Facebook as well!



For the second consecutive year, Skechers has been named the Company of the Year by industry trade magazine Footwear Plus. This win marks the seventh time Skechers received the prestigious top award!  In addition, Footwear Plus awarded Skechers the 2015 Plus Award for Excellence in Design & Retail in the Athleisure category. In previous years, we have won awards for young women’s design, women’s streetwear, kids, men’s streetwear, and running.

Skechers president Michael Greenberg commented on the accolades:

We opereate in a highly competitive industry, so being named Company of the Year for consecutive years and seven times overall is a testament to the ongoing strength of our brand along with our ability to deliver footwear that consumers around the world desire most. And with athleisure being one of the hottest trends in the market today, we’re thrilled to receive a Plus Award for design excellence in this trend-forward category as well. With many innovative new products in the pipeline, we will continue to build on this momentum in 2016.

Created by Footwear Plus and co-sponsored by the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY), the 17th Annual Plus Awards were nominated and voted on by thousands of footwear retailers and consumers nationwide in recognition of the industry’s most compelling product offerings.

Thank you for supporting Skechers and inspiring us to achieve greatness every year. There’s a lot of exciting news to come in the months ahead so stay tuned!  With your help, maybe we can make this a three-peat!


48265_2From blizzards on the East Coast to frigid weather in the heartland to the rainy West Coast, it’s easy to let the winter season derail fitness.  But with great strategies tailored for this colder time of year, you can stay on track to make sure you’re healthy and feeling great by the time those May flowers start to bloom.  Here’s some winter fitness tips from our team.  Let us know your strategies in the comments!

I’ve been taking spin classes at Equinox to switch up my winter workouts. They have a new class called The Pursuit which is like a giant video game that tracks real time data from your bike and shows everyone’s speed & power on a big screen inside the cycling studio. It really motivates you to work harder when you can see how you rank against everyone else in the class!

I hired a trainer for the first time ever! Ouch! Even at 30-minute sessions I am in pain. Got myself a new pair of Skechers Sport shoes too—hey, I need to look good working out!

Have you ever taken four kids sledding?  Let me tell you, marching up a big snow-covered hill with a sled under each arm 25 times in an afternoon is the best workout I’ve had all year.

It can be super hard to get the motivation to work out before or after work when it’s so cold out. To make up for missed workouts, I always take the long route when going through my day. That means taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, parking in a spot far from the store entrance, making sure I stand up and move around the office at least once an hour and any other way I can get a little extra movement.

As the biggest Jackie Chen’s fan, I practice kung-fu in my basement during winter. Just kidding, I hit the slopes with my snowboard. A full day on the mountain is quite a workout and it’s totally fun too. And with all the storms we’ve been getting, it’s the best season in years! 

My winter routine is the same as my summer routine – just with more clothes . . . Running and cycling keep me in shape along with the good old stand-by Pop Physique—a barre-style workout.  Proper winter gear is key! For cycling; toe warmers, arm warmers, knee warmers or longer tights, head warmer, long fingered gloves and a windbreaker!  For running I opt for gloves and winter running clothes and an occasional rain jacket because I love running in the rain.  Luckily no snow here!

For me it’s all about circuit class.  I get into a serious routine waking up at 5:30AM every day and it’s taken me almost a month to get rid of all the holiday chub. I like having a scheduled indoor class because even in Southern California, we have plenty of chilly, wet mornings—thank you El Niño—where it’s tough to motivate for a run. I also stick to drinking only water and go Whole30 on the diet which works wonders as an annual nutrition reset.

During the winter when getting outside for workouts is challenging, I focus on body weight exercises that I can do at home, as well as specific strengthening moves to maintain balanced muscles (e.g. strengthening my glutes). Also, diet is a focus during the winter, especially after the holidays! I try new recipes at home, drink lots of water and try to avoid any bugs going around between kids’ school and work!

During the cooler months I do more indoor activities – currently I am obsessed with Soulcyle – You climb, jog, sprint, dance, even use weights, all while on a bike – it is a total body, core workout that will leave you breathless and feeling amazing results!

Yoga at home, first thing in the morning. It’s easy, convenient and really affordable with DVDs or online exercises – and a great way to start the day.

Audrey M.
My current favorite workout for these colder months is lots of cardio. I try to run or hike a little more and layer up. It’s easier to shed a layer in the winter than it is to stay cool in the heat. Plus, once it starts raining, we get to see the waterfalls along the trails. I don’t mind running in the rain, it’s fun and takes me back to my childhood when it was cool to jump in puddles and get wet.

A winter workout that I enjoy is kickboxing! You build so much strength and it’s a GREAT stress reliever! 


Great news: we were just announced as a leading buzz brand! In addition to being ranked #2 on the Top Buzz Rankings chart for footwear and apparel, we were the category’s #1 Buzz Improver in 2015.*

We’re sure some of the talk has been about everything we’ve had going on this year: celebs like Demi Lovato and Sugar Ray Leonard, Brooke Burke-Charvet and Kelly Brook boosting our brand; exciting lines like Star Wars, Twinkle Wishes and Game Kicks for kids; our hugely anticipated 2016 campaign starring the one-and-only Meghan Trainor; Skechers Performance’s new title sponsorship of the Los Angeles Marathon; and so much more.

But most of all, it’s because of all of you: the readers, shoppers and supporters of our brand. It’s you who we design thousands of styles for, and who we love talking to – from our blog and social posts to our stores. You inspire everything we do here at Skechers! Thanks so much for being a huge part of our brand.

* YouGov BrandIndex, January 2016.

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