SKECHERS Answers YOUR Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Have a question about your SKECHERS footwear, but not sure who to ask? See if it’s answered below by SKECHERS’ own Tim the Shoe Guy in this month’s FAQ!

How do I clean my shoes?
Tim the Shoe Guy: I usually advise against washing your shoes in the washing machine – it tends to shorten the life of your shoes, and it may damage leather uppers or fine details. Instead, I advise you to clean leather shoes with a leather cleaning spray or lotion (readily available at most drug stores or shoe stores), and non-leather shoes or parts of shoes with mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.
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Why don’t you make Twinkle Toes or Bella Ballerina shoes for women?
Sometimes SKECHERS will make a more popular girls’ design in women’s sizes – it’s all based on how much demand there is for a particular style. The Bella Ballerina™ shoes are very new and right now are only available for bigger girls due to the spinning disk design.

What are all the new Pro Series shoes best used for?
TSG: The SKECHERS Resistance Trainer™ Pro-TR shoes have the most lateral support, and is a great shoe for general training and most athletic activities.  The SKECHERS Resistance Runner™ ProRESISTANCE™ sneakers are cushioned to activate more muscles in every step – so it’s great for those who want to train or run harder in shorter periods, whether they run, walk or jog.  The SKECHERS Resistance Runner™ ProSpeed™ sneakers are the lightest shoes in the Pro series, and are ideal for running, jogging and walking, including racing and competing.

Where can I buy this shoe near me?
TSG: While the easiest answer to this question is often “right here at,” we also recommend looking at our Store Locator that will not only show you SKECHERS retail stores in your area, but all stores selling SKECHERS shoes.

What’s new and exciting at
Fall is just around the corner! Gear up with the latest styles of SKECHERS boots for men and women!TSG: It’s always an exciting time of year around now – boot season is here, and has a lot of boots up now and even more coming in.  We’re really excited about our newest generation of SKECHERS Fitness shoes, including the exciting and hot-selling Shape-ups Liv by SKECHERS™.  Of course, kids are crazy for light-up shoes like Luminators™ and the newest Hot Lights™ for boys, and the SKECHERS Bella Ballerina™ shoes are very popular with girls.

We’re also excited to be teaming up with McDonald’s for a Happy Meal toy and coupon – girls can save on SKECHERS Twinkle Toes™ sneakers, and women can save on all SKECHERS fitness and athletic shoes!

Written by: Tim the Shoe Guy

Tim is the web merchandising manager for SKECHERS and has years of experience selling running and athletic shoes for other retailers.

SKECHERS Announces Endorsement Deal with Former NYC Marathon Winner and Olympic Medalist

Want to train like Meb? Look out for SKECHERS GOrun fitness sneakers, set to launch this fall!

Want to train like Meb? Look out for SKECHERS GOrun fitness sneakers, set to launch this fall!

SKECHERS USA, Inc., a global leader in the footwear industry and the number two athletic footwear brand in the UnitedStates*,today announced that it has signed an agreement with distance runner Meb Keflezighi to endorse SKECHERS Fitness performance footwear and apparel in a worldwide multiple-medium marketing campaign.

Keflezighi will be running in the World Marathon Majors (including the 2001 ING New York City Marathon), road races, and Olympic Trials through August 2012 exclusively in SKECHERS Fitness performance footwear featuring the Company’s innovative SmartShoe™ mid-foot strike technology for serious athletes and active enthusiasts. Keflezighi will also be consulting on the development of performance product and SKECHERS expects to coordinate the launches of exciting new competition-ready running lines with his professional racing appearances.

“SKECHERS’ new performance shoes change the way I run for the better,” said Keflezighi. “I’ve been a heel strike runner my entire life, but I am now wearing SKECHERS to maximize the efficiency of my foot strike. My shoes are my most essential piece of equipment and right now SKECHERS has the footwear I need to succeed. I’m excited to be partnering with this groundbreaking company.”

“Meb is rock star in the running world and the fact that he trusts our revolutionary running product to carry him across the finish line is a huge win for our position in the performance arena”, added SKECHERS president Michael Greenberg. “As an Olympian and professional athlete, Meb brings real gravitas to SKECHERS performance footwear that will inspire runners around the world to experience our mid-foot strike technologies for themselves.”

Meb Keflezighi gained international attention when he beat the odds to win a silver medal in the marathon after a dramatic race at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Seventy days later, he placed second in the prestigious 2004 ING New York City Marathon. Despite a potentially career-ending injury during the 2008 Olympic Trials, Meb surprised the track and field world again by winning the 2009 ING New York City Marathon – the first American to do so in 27 years. Currently the most decorated United States distance runner, Meb is the former American record holder in the 10,000 meters, a 20-time national champion, and the greatest distance runner in UCLA history.

In 2010, Meb released his inspiring autobiography, “Run to Overcome” (Tyndale House Publishers). He’s also the founder of the MEB Foundation – an organization that promotes “Maintaining Excellent Balance” through healthy action and positive lifestyle choices to school-aged children.

SKECHERS Fitness’ campaign with Meb Keflezighi is planned for a Holiday 2011 launch, and will include print, television, outdoor, in-store and online marketing as well as event appearances for SKECHERS fitness footwear and apparel.

The SKECHERS Fitness Group™ offers athletic footwear that features numerous cutting-edge patented technologies for running, training and walking. With a wide range of styles released under Resistance, Shape-ups® and Tone-ups® lines, SKECHERS Fitness products meet the needs of everyone from the casual enthusiast to the serious athlete. Currently in development, the new performance running and training footwear will debut for Holiday 2011. Men’s and Women’s SKECHERS Fitness lines are available in sporting goods, department and specialty athletic stores around the world.

*Sporting Goods Intelligence, July 25, 2011

Jennifer Clay

Shoe Cleaning and Care Tips from the SKECHERS Shoe Guy

Show your shoes some love by taking good care of them, and they’ll last longer and look better! Here are three easy steps to ensure your shoes will be protected, clean, and long-lasting.

Protect your shoes – I always recommend that you protect a new pair of shoes before wearing them, especially if you’re planning on wearing them in wet weather.  For leather and suede shoes, there are many very good brands of protective “rain and stain” treatments specific to those materials.  For non-leather and fabric shoes, there are fabric-specific spray treatments that offer excellent protection against water and staining.  Suede, especially, needs to be treated so that water will not discolor it.

Clean your shoes – I never recommend machine washing shoes.  Sure, it might get them clean, but the spin cycle and the dryer can damage the shoe and shorten its life.  Instead, there are lots of great products designed to clean and reinvigorate shoes.  Leather and suede shoes and boots get a leather or suede cleaning treatment, and fabric or non leather shoes can be cleaned with mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth.

Treat your shoes – Sometimes people complain that their shoes wear out quickly, but most of the time you can keep your shoes healthy by giving them a treatment every so often. For leather shoes, I suggest using a leather lotion or mink oil to keep the leather supple. Suede shoes also should be treated and brushed to ensure the finish is always looking its best. It’s always a good idea to rotate wearing your shoes so that you aren’t wearing the same pair every day, week in and week out, as that also shortens the life.

Give your shoes a home – Not surprisingly, one of the best places to keep your shoes is their box. Keeping your shoes in their box is a good way to keep them clean and safe between wearings. If you’re going to store your shoes for a while (like keeping your warm boots for the summer) it’s a good idea to put the shaping forms back into them to keep them looking their best.

Written By Timothy Lakin, SKECHERS USA

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