Spring has arrived at Skechers! It’s time for bright colors, stand out designs and fresh new textures, which is exactly what Skechers delivers in our kids’ collections. We asked our style-savvy merchandisers to let us know the latest for little ones… check them out!



Girls Lifestyle 1



Girls 1

The cheerful new Skech Air – Laser Lite showcases the traditional bouncy fun air pocket outsoles of our Skech-Air styles, with Skechers’ signature gel infused memory foam insole that will make a girl feel like she is walking on clouds. The ventilated Skech Knit mesh perfectly hugs the foot – and the shoe’s bright, vivid, fashion-right colors make this style a great addition to any girl’s spring wardrobe, comfort included!



Girls 2

Warmer weather is the perfect time for outdoor play time, and every girl needs a “go-to” sneaker that will keep her comfy and looking extra cool. Skechers Burst (at Skechers Retail) is our newest lightweight lace-up – and the cool electric pink pops, flat knit mesh and Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam make it perfect for school, the park or a day out with family. And since this style is also available for adults, it’s the perfect opportunity for mommy-and-me matching. So sweet!



Girls 3

Deliver dazzling looks, charming girly details and electric color pops in Twinkle Toes‘ new lace-up mid-top sneaker, Shuffles – Starlet Pose. Skechers’ signature lighted rhinestone toe caps get a fresh new update with glitter accents and stitched hearts! Bright metallic colors, a side zipper and fun laces give this lighted sneaker glitz and glamour that will make every girl fall in love. Pair up with some youthful fun and a sweet smile and you have a perfect combination for a lovely sparkling, spring day!



Boys Lifestyle 1



Boys 3

The vibe is fun and carefree… vibrant colors are the big trend right now! Flashpods have all the bells and whistles, and with seven lights chasing and blinking with every step, he’ll love to blaze a vibrant trail in the Flashpod – Scoria.  Even better, the on/off switch on the side can deactivate the lights when needed. With the metallic stripe designs on the side panels and a vibrant translucent midsole panel, he will be photogenic anywhere he goes.



Boys 2

Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression, and the Neutron sneaker serves as the perfect canvas for this trend. It can easily take boys from the classroom to the playground with hoodies and jeans. The ombre color effect mesh upper and unique 3D-printed overlays on front and sides is sure to cause a great reaction, thanks to its cool, sporty style.



Boys 1

The future is now… and a technical fabric along with Skechers Gel-Infused Memory Foam plays well to this trend in the Fast Volt athletic sport sneaker. Complete with a dual-color mesh fabric upper and zig-zag strap, the Fast Volt trainer is designed for speed! It’s sure to add some high-intensity sport style to his look.


What Skechers Kids styles are your little ones wearing this spring? Tell us in the comments!



One of the best parts of the annual Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk is when we get to share the funds raised from the event – and last week was one of these special milestones. Supported by celebs like Brooke Burke-Charvet, Sugar Ray Leonard and Denise Austin, the Skechers Foundation presented record-breaking funds: a $434,000 check for the Friendship Foundation to help children with special needs, and $932,000 dedicated to six education foundations. We also celebrated the launch of our scholarship program – with $25,000 in scholarships for 11 well-deserving high school students, who were recognized for their great potential, leadership and contributions to their schools and communities.

To see the annual donations from this event grow seven-fold since its first year in 2009 has been incredible for our Skechers team. Every day, we get to see the results first-hand: from the Friendship Foundation’s programs for children with special needs, to the long-lasting benefits it has on our schools’ teachers, libraries, award-winning programs and more.

The Walk has raised more than $5 million for kids through the years – all because of the generosity of headlining sponsor Nickelodeon, numerous companies like Wells Fargo, Steel Sports, South Bay Vein and Laser Group, The Claudette and Ethan Rickett Care Foundation and Zappos.com, and celebrities, friends and families who want a better future for our children. We look forward to our 2016 Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk, and continuing this wonderful tradition for years to come.


Britt 5

Hi, it’s Britt here from FitBrittNutrition! I’m a Holistic Nutritionist-to-be, and am passionate about ALL things health and fitness related.  After Skechers sent me a pair of their new Flex Appeal shoes to try out, I wanted to share my favorite tips with you that help me stay motivated to work out and all around live a healthier life. We can all get a little lazy with winter’s colder months, so these tips will help you jump right back into your fit-gear.

First, schedule your workouts for the week

That’s right, just like you would schedule a doctor appointment or a lunch meeting, SCHEDULE in those workouts on your calendar for the week! So many of my clients complain that they can’t find the motivation to work out during the week because they get home from work feeling tired, but if you schedule in 3-4 workouts throughout your work week ahead of time, you are more likely to stick to them. I also recommend working out at whatever time you know you will commit to, whether you’re a morning person and that’s before work, on your lunch break, or right after work, perhaps before you go home and get stuck to your couch. Find what time works for you!

Be prepared

Always have a bag of workout necessities stashed in your car. A few workout musts to include in your bag: A pair of your favorite Skechers, shorts/leggings, a workout bra (ladies), tank top, sweat towel, water bottle, a pre-workout snack like a bar (choose one that has clean ingredients that you recognize), and some headphones to play uplifting tunes. Also, plan out your meals on a weekly basis. I use Sundays as my meal planning and prepping day. Doing this ensures I have healthy meals and snacks on hand to eat throughout the week.

Britt 6

Keep your weekends active

To keep your healthy habits consistent, plan one challenging workout to do every weekend. Whether it’s a new workout class you’ve been wanting to try, something a little unconventional like paddle-boarding, or going on a new hike. Choose a workout you usually don’t have time to do during your work week. I always plan out my weekend activity (which is usually an extra-long hike in a new area) during the beginning of a new week to give me something to look forward to and help me stick to it.

Britt 2

Revamp date nights with friends

Friends are definitely good for your health, there are studies out there that prove it! However, greasy food and alcoholic beverages (if you are of legal-age) are not so good for your health. So the next time you make “Happy Hour” plans with your friend to catch up, opt for trying a new activity or healthy restaurant together instead, or even both!

britt 4

Update your workout shoes

Lastly, and most importantly (at least my feet would think so), update your workout shoes with a new style for 2016. Nothing motivates me like a new pair of shoes I can’t wait to wear to the gym or out hiking. It’s important to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes that are going to support you in whatever your workout (or workouts) of choice may be. You can see the Flex Appeal-Whirl Wind training shoe that Skechers sent me in the pictures. First, can we take a moment to acknowledge how cute they are?! And maybe even more importantly, how comfy and supportive they are…I’ve been rocking these shoes everywhere! Invest in a pair of shoes you feel good about, and that feel good on your feet.

Once you incorporate ALL of these tips, you’ll realize what a healthier week and weekend you’ve created for yourself without too much effort. Soon, these little changes will become habits that will contribute to living a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain. Not to mention, you’ll start to realize how amazing your body feels, inside and out, and nothing is more rewarding than that!

Britt Martin is a California native who is passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness. She has her Communication degree from Cal State Fullerton and is currently pursuing her goal of becoming a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College. She enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, yoga, and her dog-children. For inspiration, workouts, motivation, and lots of health tips and recipes, follow @FitBrittNutrition on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website at fitbrittnutrition.com.



We’ve been thrilled to receive so many great shots of you in your Skechers… and can’t wait to see more! A quick snap of you in your Skechers soles can get you $25 toward your next pair. Just post it with #spottedinSKECHERS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you could be one of three new winners every month… plus your shot could end up on the Skechers feed in front of millions! Learn more here.


At Skechers, we’re trying to stay serious about our goals to stay fit – even as our lives are getting busier than ever! We asked Skechers yoga instructor and fitness expert Alicia Murphy for good ways to stay committed to our health goals.


Hello, gorgeous!

I’m stoked to be hanging out today at Skechers’ headquarters.  Here at Skechers’ HQ, I teach cutting-edge fitness classes to the staff, whom I lovingly call Team Skechers.

Skechers is all about a healthy lifestyle. To make that philosophy a reality at Skechers, employees have access to different types of fitness classes. There’s yoga, interval training, strength training, corrective exercise, running… a little something for everyone.

Outside of teaching classes at Skechers HQ I also work with clients through my company Stress Monkee. I’ve helped people reach their fitness goals, and let me tell you: what usually keeps most people from sticking to their goals? Plain and simple, too much stress!

We have a ton on our “To-Do” list, which often overwhelms us.  This extra distress is a real bummer when you’re working on making changes or forming new habits.

To help give your goals a fighting chance, I have for you:


Three Secrets to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

#1 Keep it Simple, Sweetie – Even the best plan or program won’t work if you can’t stick to it.  Here’s the simple truth: if you want to achieve your fitness goals, the secret is consistency.

When we decide we want to make a change, it can be really hard to embrace the process. We want those results now, dang-it! But trying to take on too much too soon will only overwhelm, and you’ll be more likely to throw in the towel.

Give this a try: Make it so simple you can’t say no. What’s the outcome you want? Pick ONE small thing that will take you closer to reaching that goal.  For example, want to fit back into your favorite jeans? Commit to walking for 5-10 minutes every single day. After a few weeks, you can kick it up a notch – maybe 15 minutes every day.

Focus on staying consistent. Make it more likely that you’ll stick with it by being super comfy & looking ah-mazing during your workouts.  I am in love with my new Skechers Sport sneakers; these shoes have Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam that literally contours to your foot.  It’s like walking on little pillows of air. Sweet!


#2 A Stumble May Prevent a Fall – Make this English Proverb one of your “go-to” mantras; it will transform you. Let’s face it, there are going to be obstacles on your journey to reaching your goals. The worst thing you can do when you have a slip-up is to beat yourself up and fill your head with guilt. Research is revealing one of the best ways to create lasting change is to talk to yourself like you would a good friend.

Give this a try:  Had a moment of weakness?  Ate too many of those yummy treats at the party last night? So what. Rather than going down the path of self-hate, ask yourself, “What did I learn from this that can help me stick to my goal? Next time I’m going to an event where I know there’s going to be tantalizing treats, I’ll mentally rehearse saying ‘No Thank You’ beforehand. This will make it easier for me to stick to my commitment when faced with temptation.”


#3 You CANNOT Out-Train a Poor Diet – Let me repeat that in case you’re not grasping the importance of this one: you cannot out-train a poor diet!

Overly processed food makes it harder for your body to handle stress AND it also causes your body to store excess fat. No bueno.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of eating whole, nutrient-dense foods.

In a sentence: Stop counting calories and instead, focus on how many nutrients are in your food.

Give this a try:  I’m making a delicious cocktail here by blending tips #1 & #3. We’re going to keep it simple + consistent with a focus on nutrition.

Switch out some of the starchy carbs in your diet for nutrition-packed veggies.  Drop some of the pasta, bread, cereal & chips. Throw in vegetables like broccoli, sweet potato, asparagus & dark green lettuce. Wowza! You’ll see your health and fitness shoot to a whole new level.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below:

What strategy or tip do you use to stick to your fitness goals?


IMG_3306Alicia Murphy is a fitness expert for people who want to take their health to a new level by training their stress response. Through her totally addictive HAPPYness Hours, free challenges + virtual programs, she’s here to help you shake up your approach to stress—and learn to use it as a tool to achieve your goals. When she’s not coaching, you can find her running on the beach, hanging out at Disneyland with her son or indulging in sips of wine. Meet Alicia + transform stress into your SUPERPOWER at StressMonkee.com.


Let’s be real…Monday is the one day that almost everybody dreads.  It’s the day we get back to work, the day we go back to school, or it’s our day back from an amazing weekend.  I will be the first one to admit this.  It’s hard to find the motivation to get yourself to get to the gym, to go for a run, or even to do anything that’s active.  I can honestly say it’s tough for me!  Yet, staying in shape is something we must do.


Here’s the trick. Take it in intervals. For example, if my normal routine is to run 4 miles, maybe I can start my Monday by running 1 mile.  If I normally do 100 sit ups, maybe I’ll do 50 on Monday.  Doing something is better than nothing.  Exercising doesn’t always have to be going to the gym or going for a run, either.  Participating in group activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, or even dancing are all great.  It’s important that you have fun doing it! For me of course, it’s boxing. Boxing is a total body workout and also relieves stress on that big punching bag! Be sure to remember that boxing exercises are just for a workout. So don’t punch a person!


Of course, working your way into a Monday activity doesn’t just apply to exercising either. Mondays are tough regardless. It can be tough to get yourself back into work, back into school, or anything that involves getting out of bed!  The one thing that we must do is to again, ease into it.  After a long weekend, it’s easy to feel like you’re behind.  You may have hundreds of emails to go through, piles of work on the desk, or several meetings to attend to.  In life, just like in exercise, it’s important to take breaks once you start to feel overwhelmed.  Just a quick break can increase your productivity and decrease any mistakes you may make or fatigue you feel! It definitely helps when you have a trainer* to motivate you and watch your form. Form is very important when cross training in exercises such as Pilates which helps to keep my core strong!

Another reason to motivate yourself on Monday is because a healthy and active lifestyle reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.  I grew up seeing my dad and my friends struggle with complications of diabetes, and it’s important to fight it in any way that we can.  My Foundation, The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, is committed to funding research and creating awareness for pediatric type 1 & 2 diabetes. We also strive to support programs that help children lead healthier lives through diet and exercise.

Of course on Monday, and every day, comfort is extremely important to me.  Wearing appropriate clothing and having comfortable shoes makes it easier to get through any day or activity.  That’s why whenever I exercise, I always wear my Skechers. Skechers keep my feet comfortable and it allows my body to do and handle more.

Monday can set the tone for your entire week…let’s all try to start the week out on a good note!

*Featuring Pilates Instructor – Sarah Beardsworth from The Cypress Centre Pacific Palisades.


The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon booth at the Health and Fitness Expo in Los Angeles.


It’s a great feeling to walk the streets of Los Angeles and watch the city prep for its biggest race weekend of the year: banners, stands and barricades stretching for miles, readying for tens of thousands to run, cheer and celebrate the greatest in the sport. And the weekend didn’t disappoint.

First off was the Rio Trials on Saturday, where our Skechers Performance elite athlete Meb continues to redefine the boundaries of greatness in his sport. Meb joined the Rio team with an incredible second place finish of 2:12:21 and set a new American Master’s marathon record in his custom Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 – 2016 shoes. Meb will be the oldest marathoner in US history to ever compete at the Games, and the only one to qualify four times. Skechers Performance elite athlete Kara Goucher also continued to rally a huge following with her incredible comeback, making the team as an alternate marathoner. Altogether, we had an incredible 27 elite Skechers Performance athletes competing in the Trials.

Weldon Kirui

Weldon Kirui wins in Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 – 2016

And on Sunday, the first ever 2016 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon launched – along with its own storybook ending. Avid Skechers Performance runner Weldon Kirui flew in from Kenya and incredibly, his airline lost his luggage – which for many of us, would have been our worst nightmare. As serendipity would have it, Skechers Performance happened to title sponsor the event – and promptly brought him a replacement pair of Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 – 2016 running shoes, in which he came in first, winning in 2:13:06.

We are thrilled and honored to partner with so many incredible runners and athletes who continue to choose greatness every day to reach new heights in their sport. We look on to Rio and beyond for many more incredible triumphs in store for our elite Skechers Performance team.

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