For years, Skechers footwear has been worn throughout the healthcare industry: everyone from doctors and nurses to lab professionals, technicians and more have raved about how cushioned, comfortable and supportive our shoes are, especially for those long days on their feet. So for the pros who spend their days caring for all of us, we’ve made a shoe that cares for them: the Skechers Work Health Care Pro SR series.

As part of our Skechers Work series, this collection is truly the kind of style that medical pros will love. It’s colorfully on-trend, thanks to a wide range of shades to choose from (perfect for all kinds of scrubs… you can even pair them with Skechers’ new scrubs collection that just landed at top scrub retailers; see the offering here)! Skechers Work Health Care Pro SR shoes are also designed to meet the day-to-day demands of the medical industry, from its ASTM-approved slip-resistant soles to 3M™ Scotchguard uppers designed to repel water, liquid and stains. Plus with Skechers’ famed comfort technology at your feet – air-cooled memory foam insoles, flexible construction and supportive heel designs – these shoes are ready to take any shift head-on.

Know someone in the medical industry who could use a pair of Skechers Health Care Pro SRs? Tell us your favorite color here!


  1. Tonya Trudeau says:

    I just recently had several ischemic strokes and now I have to wear a of a brace. But I need a good shoe for the brace to be in. I’m a fall hazard ad well. Can you help? I have to have a wide width size 10.5.

  2. Juhairina says:

    Dear Skechers,
    I have to confirm to you whether skechers go walk street series contain material pig skin? Thanks so much for your explanation, we will so happy to hear some confirm from skechers

    Best regard, Rina

  3. Marie Snyder says:

    I have bought 3 pairs of the Skecher D’Lights as work shoes for the past 3 years… these are only shoes that I have ever had that did not hurt my feet from the very beginning… Unfortunately, the last pair the I bought are not living up to the name… they do not hurt the bottom of my feet but put the top part of my foot and my toes to sleep… after wearing them for 4 hours I had to change shoes… I do not notice any difference in the look of the shoes from my last pair… I bought all my shoes from JC Penney…. My last purchase was from in Nov. of last year. I have worn these shoes 3 times… each time they did the same thing… I have even tried to loosen the laces but to no avail… I am very disappointed as these have always been my go-to work shoes…I do not know it I want to buy another pair and hope for the best or just try another brand. I have the shoebox if you need any information from it…. Thanks, Marie

  4. Cristyne says:

    Dear Skechers,

    I bought my first pair of Skechers D’Lites (The ones that had the elastic as laces) on 11/11/09 when I started working in the operating room. I would be on my feet from 6am until whenever. Sometimes I would work for 8 hours, sometimes I’d work for 16. I never liked wearing sneakers & they always hurt my feet, but not these. I could wear them all day & night & my feet didn’t bother me a bit. I am no longer working due to having multiple sclerosis, but I still have to try to keep on my feet as much as possible. My Skechers are now starting to show some wear, but I’m the only one that sees it. It’s time for me to get a new pair so that I can get ready to start walking again when the weather begins to warm up. I always let anyone I know that does work in the medical field to get themselves a pair of Skechers because it will be the best investment that they’ll ever make. Thank you for making my last few years of working in the hospital the best ones & continuing to make it better for the new generations to come.

    All The Best,

  5. Roger Lineberry says:

    I have been wearing Sketcher Memory foam shoes for the past 4 years with no problems however over the past 2 years i have issues with the feet know as fat pad atrophy (breakdown of the protective pads on the bottom of the feet) making walking extemely painful and the memory foam does not seem to support enough is there a type of memory foam or other that Sketchers produces or recommends. Thanks

  6. Tamela A Brookhouser says:

    Please bring back womens go walk slippers. They were awesome. Read reviews on QVC. Everyone loves them.

  7. Christal says:

    Im a nurse and i was told that gowalks r the best for on your feet.. With all the different kinds what is the best for everyday uae with lots of walking ..

  8. Mary says:

    Omg this would be amazing to try. I always wear skechers for work because they are so comfy. Even when I travel, I always swear by skechers. I would definitely love to try this kind of shoes perfect for working in a Pediatric Dental office.

  9. Jennifer says:

    went to visit store in Richmond Va. Brandon was the greatest!!! He assisted me in every way possible to insure i got the correct shoe i was looking for. He went above and beyond all while assisting others in the store. I would highly recommend going and seeing Brandon, he truly knows his stuff when it comes to shoes comfort and sizes. Thanks again Brandon for all your assistance
    Jennifer & Kelly

  10. Noelle says:

    I’ve just bought a pair of skechers at my city offline store (Asia, Indonesia, Malang) it has SN 52933/GYOR made in Vietnam. But when i google it, it did not show any picturo of shoes. Is my shoe is legit or not? Thanks.

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