It’s easy to begin each new year with ambition to achieve greatness though personal wellness and fitness.  After all, January represents fresh opportunity to reset and push forward without the baggage of what came previously. Of course great plans can easily lead to disappointment when we don’t stick with it and make achieving personal goals a priority.  When it comes to this, there’s no better source for inspiration than Skechers Elite athlete Meb.  Throughout his esteemed career, he built his reputation as one of the greatest American marathoners of all time by never allowing the world to tell him he couldn’t excel.

Meb ran his final competitive marathon in November and if you need some uplifting motivation for sticking with your goals, be sure to check out this engaging five-part documentary about the lead up to his final race—MEB:  The Home Stretch.  The teaser below gives you a taste and head to Runner’s World to see the entire film.

Persistence is key to Meb’s training and you can work his champion-building strategies into your own routine.  Take a look here to learn Meb’s favorite 13 drills that he used to keep his body in world-class competitive shape at age 42.  And you can even ask the man himself for training and motivation tips when he appears Friday, January 12 from 12-2PM at the Skechers Performance booth during the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute EXPO leading up to this Sunday’s Chevron Houston Marathon.

This is the fifth year that Skechers Performance has been the Official Footwear and Apparel Sponsor of the big race and a limited-edition collection of race products will available at the EXPO and online at  The special ‘Houston 18’ designs for the new Skechers GO Run Forza 3™ and the Skechers GO Run 6™ can be seen below.

Racers and fans attending the EXPO will also have the opportunity to meet Skechers Elite Runner Kara Goucher on Saturday, January 13 from 2-4PM.  And those purchasing gear at the EXPO will have the option to round their purchase up to the nearest whole dollar, with the difference being donated to the Houston Marathon Foundation—an organization that promotes the advancement of running and provides after school running programs, coaching and guidance to over 2,000 youths in the Houston area. Funds raised during the 2018 register round up will help with rehabilitating community parks, trails and green spaces that were washed away by Hurricane Harvey and provide support to partner programs of the Houston Marathon Foundation that were impacted by the storm.

Additionally, through this partnership, Skechers Performance has donated 100 pairs of running shoes and technical running T-shirts to high school students in need throughout the Houston area. And beyond the marathon through its BOBS charity program, Skechers has to date also donated more than 10,000 pairs of shoes, 25,000 pairs of socks and 2,000 lunchboxes to area families impacted by the storm.

Whether you’re just starting on a new fitness adventure or preparing for the ultimate big race in Houston or elsewhere this year, we wish you great success on your journey.  Let us know where you find inspiration to reach your goals in the comments!


  1. Gertrude T White says:

    bought skecher shoes at boscov’s store wore 3 times looked down and the stitching on the right shoe by small toe was coming apart so I stitched and put glue on it to wear . This is not right I am a 67 year old women do not abuse my shoes and on a limited income you should replace my shoe the size is 9 and no. on shoe is SN23109 color code :ccl textile/leather upper I have bough skechers before and liked them never had a problem but this is the worst not happy, called no for manufacture and left messages no answer back can you please get back to me.

      • Michael Fincham says:

        I’ve been running for over 30 years. I find it frustrating that Skechers has NO consistent running apparel line, like ALL the other shoe companies. Most of your apparel is for walking or lifestyle. I would think that the company that gears Meb would have a hell of a line by now. Your online store is embarrassing. I should be able to buy singlets, warmup suits, cold weather running jackets, training tech t shirts, gloves, running hats, gear bags, water bottles, and performace t shirts just to name a few things. Off of your site. Like I can any other shoe companies site. RUNNERS NEED MORE THEN JUST SHOES and socks.

      • SKECHERS says:

        Hi Michael, Thank you for reaching out! We’ll be sure to pass along your feedback and interest in the running apparel to the appropriate team.

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