When it comes time for retirement, it’s fairly common for many people to end up spending a bit more time on a golf course. And that’s exactly where recent retiree David Ortiz AKA ‘Big Papi’ found himself shooting his first commercial for Skechers. Of course, Ortiz isn’t your typical pensioner. He’s a legend in Boston and around the globe known not only for hitting home runs but for his energy and enthusiasm off the field as well.  So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his approach to relaxing on the driving range might be just a bit different than everyone else.

We had the chance to spend a gorgeous afternoon outside Boston with the man himself as he has some fun with a baseball bat, a golf course and an open field. Take a look at the video below for some behind the scene insight and hear Ortiz explain why the Relaxed Fit collection is perfect a man who retired after painful injuries and is ready to experience retirement with a bit more comfort through his day.

And then check out his new commercial for Relaxed Fit from Skechers footwear below to see how it all came together and don’t forget visit for all the latest Relaxed Fit styles featuring comfortable Air-Cooled Memory Foam! 

COMMENT TO WIN!  We’re celebrating this new campaign with an #OrtizSkechersGiveaway!  Comment below with your favorite moment from Big Papi’s career and you could win!  First prize is a David Ortiz signed Skechers riding jacket that he wore at the Kentucky Derby (See the evidence!). Second prize is a David Ortiz signed Skechers hat also worn at the Derby.  And third prize is a pair of Skechers shoes.  Must comment by 12:00PM PDT Friday (7/21/17) to enter to win.  Winner will be notified in the comments.  See complete rules here.


  1. Jim Yee says:

    2004 playoffs a game-ending homer in 10th inning to finish first-round sweep of the Anaheim Angels. #OrtizSkechersGiveaway Would be great to get new Skechers 😉

  2. The best moment was after the marathon bombings when he said, this is our f ing city and nobody is going to dictate our freedom. I got a free ticket to that game from the Watertown selectman and was sitting in the right field grandstand that day as his voice came on the Mic and the goosebumps still exist today at how amazing that moment was to listen to and see first hand. I love you big papi and thank you for bringing home our first titles in a long,long time. You gave me my faith back for the Sox.

  3. Marissa cabezas says:

    My favorite moment of big papi’s career has to be his moving and inspirational speech after the Boston marathon. Big papi wasn’t just a Boston red Sox player, he was a citizen of the city of Boston and stood by his city when we needed him, and for that, i will be forever thankful that i got to experience so much of his career.

  4. Tiffiny Duke says:

    2013 World Series all his hits to put the Red Sox on top. Then being intentionally walked to avoid him through game 6. #OrtizSkechersGiveaway

  5. Lisa G says:

    Big Papi is my all time favorite with Pedro Martinez coming in a close 2nd 🙂 My favorite thing about him is he was a die hard Red Sox Boston player! He loved us in Massachusetts and the fans love him just as much including me!! I think my favorite moment was when he hit his 500th career home run!! I just love him!! #OrtizSkechersGiveaway

  6. Diane Bassette says:

    #OrtizSkechersGiveaway After the marathon bombings he came on to say “This is our F…… City and nobody is going to dictate our freedom!! Boo-yeah!

  7. Nicole Zerbini says:

    2004 American League Championship Red Sox were down in the series 3-1. Bottom of 12th, Ortiz hit a walk off home run which led to them winning the American League Championship and ultimately the World Series!

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