Our Energy Lights rechargeable shoes have been a huge hit this year – our kids’ styles have flown off the shelves since they launched, and now they’re available for adults as well! Everyone loves wearable technology, and these sneakers have so many light combinations (seven unique lights, four different modes and up to six hours on a single charge) that the world can’t get enough of them. Plus, they’re so easy to charge and go – Energy Lights even come with their own USB cable!

Here’s how simple Energy Lights are to charge and use:

1. LIFT FLAPS – Right behind each sneaker’s tongue is Energy Lights’ charging port – just flip up the tongue flap cover, and you’re ready for charging.

2. INSERT CABLES – Energy Lights have a dual cable so you can charge both shoes simultaneously. Just insert the cables into the ports on each shoe (make sure to push the end of the USB firmly into the port, so that the shoe will properly charge).

3. PLUG IN – Connect the other side of the cable to a computer, or a USB plug adapter if you have one. Once the cable is properly connected, the lights on the sole will flash red when it’s charging.

4. UNPLUG AND GO – It’ll take approximately two hours for your Energy Lights to fully charge – the red lights on the sole will turn off once they’re done charging. Make sure to unplug the cables when done (don’t overcharge or leave plugged in overnight).

Once you’re done wearing your Energy Lights, you can hold the power button on your tongue down for three seconds to turn them off.

Still need to get a pair? You can find them here. Leave your Energy Lights questions for us in the comments!



  1. Suzanne Heather Greene says:

    Hi, I bought a pair of Boys Energy Lights but there was no dual cable to charge them. Do you sell replacement cables?

  2. Karie Kamm says:

    I bought my son a pair of the boys Energy Lights while on vacation a week ago and any time I try to charge them the red lights don’t flash like the directions say they will, and when he turns them on they only last about an hour before the battery is dead again! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried charging them numerous times! Getting frustrated!

  3. Chris D. says:

    can I plug the usb cable into an adpter that is plugged into a wall outlet or must I use a computer to charge the shoes

  4. Jena napier says:

    My daughter got a pair of sketcher energyblights for her birthday a couple months ago. Only 1 of the shoes will charge. For the cost of the shoes and the length of time we have had them I am disappointed that one of them doesn’t work. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  5. Jane Fulton says:

    My sketchers energy light shoes didn’t come with a charging cable!
    I brought them brand new at a Palais Royal store! I purchased a single cable separate. 😦

  6. Natgoldshoes says:

    Hello I bought a girl energy lights rose gold and I haven’t even worn it 4 times and I bought it like a week ago and one of the shoes charge and it only happened this morning because last week I wore them and they worked perfectly so one doesen’t charge .

  7. SkechersLover3000 says:

    I have a pair of girl’s rose gold energy lights and when I plugged them in the lights did not start flashing. I am not sure if that is bad.

  8. Vincent Culotta says:

    I bought my grandson a pair of skecher shoes. ( size 4) at a Skecher outlet store in Daytona Florida ( Tanger Outlets) they no longer light up after several attempts to charge them . They had worked previously several times. I am not able to locate a receipt for them

  9. jeff says:

    can you help with details about the battery and lights in the energy lights shoes? where is the battery? what type is it? what is power rating on the led lights used? is there any risk from either the battery or the lights? thanks jeff

    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi Jeff, the rechargeable battery of the Energy Lights is located inside the translucent midsole. It is a standard toy or watch-style rechargeable battery, there is no risk at all from the battery or the lights – these are tested to the same standards as children’s toys for safety.

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