One of our Skechers interns had a really unique childhood… she grew up on the tiny island of Catalina off the coast of Southern California (approx. 4,000, with fewer than 500 people in the town where she grew up)! We asked her to share her experiences growing up on this nearby but remote getaway, and learned how her family’s Skechers styles play a big role in their day-to-day lives off the mainland.

Two Harbors, Catalina Island

All my life I’ve lived off the coast of California on the little island of Catalina. And the biggest necessity of my life has been comfort. The residential areas (a tiny city and an even tinier town) are built along the sloping terrain, making getting anywhere quite a feat for our feet.


We islanders walk (or run since island time doesn’t always follow schedule) basically everywhere. We walk for exercise, to work, to the singular grocery store, and then back home at the end of the day. We need shoes that can do it all. For me, those shoes are Skechers.

My family has been Skechers fans since the beginning. I wear Skechers anywhere I go: the beach, college, during a casual out-and-about. Other shoes squeeze my toes and rub my heels the wrong way leaving my feet covered in bandages. Skechers give me room to breathe and simply feel good to wear in general with their memory foam soles.

My parents operate at two different ends of the work spectrum. Although my mother has a short commute to the harbor office (a five-second walk across the beach) she’s always either donned her Skechers GOrun sneakers or athletic sandals. She says the comfortable nature of the shoes, as well as the bright, fun colors, is a must while she caters to the boaters at her window.

My father operates in a more hands-on job with power tools, machines, and such. Over the past two decades he has worn nothing but Skechers’ work boots because they’re the ideal combination of durability and, of course, comfort. Day after day, he put them through the ringer but they keep on keeping on.  He even keeps a spare pair in his closet so he never has to worry about being without his brand.

Avalon, Catalina Island

There was one occasion when I was visiting Avalon (the tiny city) and off the express boat saunters a dressed up woman with a huge black sunhat flopping about her head – but what struck me was the fact that she had high heels on. Now I hold nothing against heels, they’re quite fashionable – but these were tall, pointy-toed and undoubtedly uncomfortable. And on an island like ours, I wondered if she would be more comfortable in a pair of Skechers GOwalk or Reggae sandals.

Skechers are fashion-forward, vibrant, tough as nails, versatile, and most importantly comfortable. And for island life, they’re a personal go-to shoe.

What is your favorite Skechers style for trekking your own terrain? Tell us in the comments!

Photo credit: Mackenzie Phelps and Shelby Phelps.

Shown below: Classic Cup – Bradbury in Navy, Reggae – Haystack in Black/Gray, and Flex Appeal 2.0 – New Gem in Teal. 

Two Harbors, Catalina Island


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