March is one of our favorite months of the year.  The sun starts to shine just a little bit brighter.  There’s still a brisk coolness to the morning air but longer days fill with hope as the budding colors of Spring begin to appear. Technically the season may not change until the 20th, but March helps us escape from the dark cold winter that we’re leaving behind.

But enough about us…we want to hear why this time of year makes YOU excited!  Tell us what you’re looking forward to most this Spring by adding a comment to this blog post and you could win a FREE pair of Skechers to get you through the warmer months ahead!  TWO winners will be selected from those who comment.  And don’t wait on this—the deadline is Friday, March 3 at 5PM PST.

And that’s not all!  There’s even more chances for you to win in our ongoing #SpottedinSkechers contest!  It’s easy to enter!  Simply snap a picture of you wearing Skechers this season and share it on InstagramFacebook or Twitter with #SpottedinSkechers for a chance to win a $25 Skechers gift card!  A winner is selected on each social channel every month.  We love seeing every photo and can’t wait to see yours!  If you’re not sure how to snap your Skechers—check out some recent winners in the gallery below!  Good luck and enjoy the sunshine!

Because we love seeing your pix SO MUCH…here’s a few more that didn’t take home a prize but we still found to be super cute!  Keep snapping images and don’t forget to tag #SpottedinSkechers!  You could be our next winner!

Complete rules for the blog comment contest are available here.   Additionally complete rules for the ongoing #SpottedinSkechers Sweepstakes are available here.


  1. Kimberlee S says:

    We are looking forward to longer days so we can be outside more. It’s been so rainy and cold lately. My oldest daughter is looking forward to her school trip to Washington DC and our youngest is looking forward to visiting her BFF in Las Vegas while her sister is away. Spring is in the air!

  2. Avril G says:

    WHY I LOVE SPRING? WHO DOESN’T LOVE SPRING?Spring is when the sun shines a lil longer, love spreads a lil further and people coming together. More outdoors! More festivals! ❤

  3. Victoria Ortiz says:

    I’m looking forward to more outdoors events this spring. Concerts, festivals, any outings. I love the rain, but there’s been too much rain. I want to be able to walk more and enjoy the nice weather and not worry about getting my shoes soaked.

  4. Eddie Mac says:

    I love Spring, because I live near Lake Placid, NY, and I am tired of shoveling snow! We get Spring snow storms, but with beautiful blue skies and bright sunny days, IT MELTS! I also am excited to be able to get outside in my new Skechers and off of the treadmill and smell and see the beautiful area that I get to call home!

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