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We love that our fans all operate at the beat of their own drum. Each of you with your unique style and vision on life are beautiful in your own way. And nothing excites us more than when you tag us on social media!  These images help us get to know you and define the versatility of Skechers style. We appreciate so much that you’re eager to share them with us…and the world!  From working out to chilling at the beach–from play dates to rainy afternoons–from the city to the country, you prove that Skechers knows no boundaries and you inspire us to make sure we never let you down.

It’s #CustomerAppreciationDay at Skechers, but we can tell you’re far more than just a customer when it comes to this brand and that is exactly why we appreciate you so much.  To illustrate how much we adore you and your support of Skechers, we’re giving away FREE shoes!  Scroll past these awesome images to learn how to enter.

Cool shots, right?  Now for the fun part…here’s your lucky chance to win a FREE pair of Skechers!  It’s super easy to enter–just leave a comment below and tell us how many pairs of Skechers you own or when you wore your first pair or anything to get across how you are a big fan of Skechers! We’ll be selecting THREE winners to receive FREE shoes. Leave your comment ASAP as the cutoff for entries is Friday, October 21 at 4PM PDT. We can’t wait to read what you have to say!  Good luck and thanks again for supporting Skechers!

Complete rules for this blog comment contest are available here.
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  1. Sharon Mosley says:

    This would be such a blessing to win!! I love Sketchers!! They make you feel like you are walking on a cloud. They are my go to for comfort!!👟👟👟💗💗

  2. MICHELLE says:

    My entire family only wears sketchers… I alone have 6 pairs I’ve been rotating for 4 years… I’m due for another pair but we could only afford new ones for my 4 yr old son, because he comes first! This Mama wears sketchers every single day… til they can’t be worn any more

  3. Crystal says:

    I only own one pair of Sketchers right now but there my only tennis shoes and I love them there the ones with memory foam and there really comfortable

  4. Angela Keilberg says:

    I currently own 4 pairs.
    I first started wearing Skechers working in the service deli of a grocery store about 10 years ago, because they make a comfortable safety shoe that correctly fits wide feet. Most safety shoes do not, even in a wide size/ style.
    Now I wear Skechers for comfort and durability when keeping up with my young son.
    Thank you Skechers for producing quality shoes!

  5. Sheryl Edwards says:

    I LOVE Skechers!!! ❤ I currently own three pairs of Skechers! I plan to go shopping soon for 2-3 more pairs!! I wear Skechers DAILY!!!

  6. Denise says:

    I absolutely love Sketchers. Right now I only have one pair. But that’s because I’ve had major foot surgery on both feet and my recovery has been since last November. The perfect fit, comfort, and light weight feel is what got me through all the pain I’ve had to endure with collapsed arches. You’ve eased my pain and helped me get around. Now I need a no slip winter pair of Sketchers.

  7. Margie Bunting says:

    I have “problem feet” and knew I’d be walking non-stop during a week in Paris this summer. I bought two pairs of Skechers slip-ons with GogaMat and walked 50 miles (mostly over cobblestones) that week, and my feet felt better than they did after two days at Disneyland a couple of years back. I’m a believer and now have about a dozen pairs.

  8. Becky Stivers says:

    I can’t say how much I love my Skechers. I am 52 years old and spend a lot of time on my feet. Without my Skechers, I would not be able to make it through the day. I have rheumatoid arthritis which makes spending time on my feet difficult because of the pain in my hips, knees and feet. Recently, I became a single parent of three daughters and so I must be able to provide for them. I just purchased my second pair of Skechers. My Go Walks are my Go To shoe for life.

  9. Cecelia Duzyski says:

    I wear sketchers almost every day. I have Sandals for summer and walkers for the rest of the time. They are great at work because they look nice but allow me to take my walks during the day without changing shoes!

  10. Cecy Wilson says:

    I only have 8 pairs (what, that can’t be right!) but I plan on changing that by stopping at the Skechers store on Monday, which happens to be my birthday 🎉. They are hands down, or feet in this case, the most comfortable shoe ever and I need more I can wear to the office.

  11. Courtney Gorrell says:

    I’ve been wearing ONLY the Skechers Brand of sneakers for so long that I have no memory of what another brand feels like!

  12. Jennifer Hess says:

    I have 1 Pair and all 4 kids have a pair. I got my first pair years ago and being a nurse I was on my feet allday and these were so comfortable!

  13. Nancy Smith says:

    My family just love Skechers, right now I have two pairs my sneakers I wear to exercise 4 to 5 times a week. My other pair is a pair of sandals. Over the last ten years I have bought Skechers for my three granddaughters they are there favorite shoes they are always happy when Grandma gets them new ones. It would be so much fun to win a new pair.

  14. Joel says:

    I’ve owned about 4 – 6 pairs of Skechers for the last 5 years. I wear them every day at work (I walk a lot when I’m at work), and I really wear them out (poor shoes). They are really comfortable. Right now I’m wearing the Skechers Men’s Artifact-Muster Oxford (Relaxed Fit).

    Since I can’t afford buying them at their original price ($60+), I start looking for sales 2-3 months ahead before I need them, or I also look for them at stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, etc., where I can find them cheaper ($30-$40) sometimes (I’m currently looking but I haven’t found anything yet and I started about 2 months ago).
    I would feel so lucky and blessed if I could win a pair, or at least a 50% coupon to buy my next ones 🙂

  15. Jamie says:

    My family loves Skechers! It’s the first section we go to when we are shopping for shoes! I love how comfortable they are and my son loves all the “cool” styles and colors available. He loves bright yellow, orange and green and we can always find fun shoes for him.

  16. Karen MacKay says:

    I only own one but they’re so well worn there’s a hole in the bottom of the heel so I can’t wear them in the rain 😬 I definitely would LOVE❤️ to win a pair ‼️😔

  17. Lisa Lyon says:

    I just started wearing Skechers a few months ago, and I already have three pairs! As a college student walking all over campus, I really value shoes that provide style and comfort. So happy I discovered Skechers!

  18. Kimberlee Schenck says:

    I currently own 4 pairs of tennis/running shoes and 1 pr of sandals. It is the only brand I wear and I bought my 1st pair 15 years ago. My 13 yr old always has trouble finding shoes that fit but I can always guarantee she will find a pair of Skechers to fit. She currently has 2 pairs and my 6 yr old daughter has 2 also. I even got my mom hooked on Skechers! What can I say, they are the best shoes around!

  19. Joanna hacker says:

    I couldn’t begin to count how many pairs my daughter and I have had over the years! Its our go to gym shoe and everyday wear. We just love them 💝 my daughter still wears hers from when she did Girls On The Run! We just can’t get enough

  20. melody brown says:

    I now own three pair of skechers. My first pair I bought are the slip on type walking shoes. I bought them to take to Europe, I thought they’d be great to wear on the river boat. However, my walking shoes I brought along were terrible. Skechers saved my tootsies and saved the cruise from being miserable. I water proofed them before leaving and they are AWEsome!!!! So much so, I came home and bought sneaker type to wear at Zumba class. I lovvvve my Skechers…I now want some casual type that don’t look like sneakers, like the Shiny Dancer. Thank you for the chance.

  21. Anna says:

    I walk 15 miles a day at my job. Sketchers are the only shoe I buy. I usually have to replace them every 3 months so lots of shoes around here. They make my days seem easier because my feet don’t hurt. Love love love these shoes.

  22. Stephanie Beaver says:

    I bought my first pair of sketchers in 1998 and went to Germany with them. I remember having the coolest pair of Sketchers around. I’ve owned at least ten pairs since then. My recent favorite pair is white. I’d love to try the light pair. They seem like you will be walking on a cloud. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Abby says:

    I have 3 pairs of Skechers , I have to be on my feet for most part of the working day and Skechers make it easy. I even walk to work, weather permitting, so a good comfy pairof shoes is amust forme everyday & Skechers fit the bill just right!!

  24. Sheila D says:

    I have been wearing skechers for 8 years now, they are my favorite shoes! I started wearing them when I worked a job that kept me on my feet all day and suffering from chronic foot pain they were a life saver, they were like walking on air! Since then they are all I will wear. No more pain!! I have owned 4 pairs now buying a new pair every other year for my birthday present to me! Love love love my skechers 😊

  25. Sue Cranson says:

    My first pair of Skechers were Shape Ups and were recommended to me by a friend! I still have them plus 2 more pairs! Best shoes ever! My newest Skechers are Flex Memory Foam and I love them too! 4 pairs of Skecthers and will be adding more! Best shoes ever!

  26. Victoria McCarty says:

    I have 2 pair of Skechers. I started wearing them a long time ago. I got the rest of my family to start wearing them!

  27. Velma Valenzuela says:

    I just started wearing sketchers so I am at the pairs my favorite so far are the GO RUN 400 these are the most comfortable shoes and they accomadate my orthodotics perfectly.

  28. Lorri Dockery says:

    I love my Skechers and am literally wearing them out! I love the colors in my current pair but Skecher is not making these anymore. My first pair were platform shoes in the 90’s – now that is Skecher dedication!!!!

  29. Thanks for #CustomerAppreciationDay. I’ve three pair of Skechers because you can’t wear them out. My favorite is my very first pair before everyone knew they were cool and I keep wearing them even though they are 10 years old. They are black with 3 black velcro straps…. I wish I had bought a dozen pair because you can’t find them any longer. I would love to win a Vintage pair of my comfy Skechers.

  30. Laura Abshier says:

    I love Skechers! I have 3 pairs, I had a 4th pair (new, still in the box) but gave them to my daughter in law when she started a new job and needed comfortable shoes – these are the best!

  31. Lisha Taylor says:

    We bought a pair for my husband a few months ago and he loved them. He is on feet all day and they helped him. We recently bought him another pair. He finally found a pair if shoes that are comfortable and last.

  32. Priscilla says:

    I would love a pair of Skechers they are very comfort to wear of your feet for 8 hours of working in a hospital I found them to be a great tool.

  33. Troy Johnson says:

    My daughters (and wife too) love Skechers Twinkle Toes. My wife wishes they came in her size. Skechers have always been our gym shoes of choice. Thanks for great quality shoes!

  34. Niki Johnson says:

    I own 4 pairs of Skechers, my two daughters each have 2 and my husband is in need of new shoes. Would love to get him a pair so he doesn’t feel left out. 😉

  35. Elaine Chan Jew says:

    I only have 2 pair of sketches, both memory foam! I was looking for comfortable shoes for my Paris trip 2 years ago and brought both pairs and my feet loved them. They were so comfy.

  36. JANICE MURPHY says:

    I love my Skecher’s They have been the best thing for my feet. I have Lupus , meaning I have a lot of arthritis in my joints , I am needing a new pair , it would be an be a be a wonderful gift if I won please and thank you

  37. lilyanasmom says:

    I have owned 2 pairs of sketchers and they were the longest lasting, durable and comfortable shoes i have ever owned! My daughter lilyana has wanted a pair of twinkle toes for years, i look at thrift stores since money is tight but it would make her light up to get a pair! ♡♡♡

  38. We have three par between us (my partner and I). They are good looking and comfortable. In work that keeps me on my feet for eight hours straight I have happy feet which gives me a good attitude. This is very important in dealing with the public. I can enjoy my work without the distraction of painful feet. Skechers make smiling easy.

  39. L.Perry says:

    I have 8 pair of skechers, been wearing this brand since it first entered the market and wont wear anything else. They are my “marshmellow” shoes cause that’s how it feels when I walk in them!

  40. Christie Lombardo says:

    I own 2 pairs of Skechers, I have been hooked on them since I was a teenager. They are so comfortable and I love th way they look!

  41. Brenda Goldberg says:

    Sitting here counting… five. Love every pair. I am 66 with troublesome feet issues. Skechers are so comfortable. My mom is 95 and she loves the skimmers too. I need to find the right pair for my husband next.

  42. Roro says:

    I have 3 pair of sketchers , I owned my first when I was 16 and I loved how colorful they were I used to wear them everyday and night . I love how comfy they were since then I was hooked nothing better than message feeling while wearing comfy colorful fun shoes. I am so hooked that I bought two pairs for my husband and one pair for my baby to be .

  43. Kasey says:

    I have been wearing skechers ever since I can remember. They are the only brand I can wear. I remember when I was younger and I wore the same style skechers for years straight, we would go show shopping and I’d always end up with the same style just a size bigger. I now still only want skechers and only like to buy skechers for my daughter because I know they will be quality and last for awhile.

  44. Lori Tobin says:

    I love my Sketchers! I have worn a pair every day since I found out I was diabetic. I have to be careful not to get sores on my feet and since I walk every day I know I’m going to be comfortable in Sketchers!

  45. shanel lewis says:

    This would be amazing to win. Being a single mom of 3 boys that are so rough on shoes this would be perfect. I LOVE skechers. I have two pair, my youngest has one, my middle son has two pair, and my oldest has two. I have sneakers and a pair of slide ons because they are so easy and the most comfortable that I have found. They really help with my back as well. My youngest LOVES skechers because they light up. (He also thinks they make him run faster and jump higher, but shh don’t tell him the secret haha). My oldest son has a foot problem and skechers are the only ones that don’t hurt his feet plus they were actually recommended by his doctor as some of the best shoes for his condition. My middle son just loves the vivid bright greens and the fact that they come in pink for boys. He is a HUGE pink fan. They are also affordable for a single mother and stylish for those pre teens that think they need everything expensive!

  46. Eva Daniell says:

    I have 3 pairs right now but I have bought over 15. They are the only sneaker I wear. They are so comfortable and I never have t break them in first

  47. Christine Labelle says:

    I currently have 7 pairs in my mud room. I have two pairs just for work. I love the memory foam because I am on my feet as an LNA all night. My feet never hurt! Both of my daughters each have a pair as well.

  48. Jeanne M Rousseau says:

    I love my Skechers! I owned my first pair when my son was just a toddler back in the late 90’s and I wore those shoes out chasing him around. I just recently bought some of the new Skechers, they are really really light weight and so colorful! I love them, perfect for the treadmill.

  49. Tenikia Pearson says:

    I’ve owned about 6 pairs of Skechers in my life, but my favorite pair was my first, some street cleats. I loved those shoes because they made me feel like one of the Spice Girls as they were platforms.

  50. Lisha Mullen says:

    I love Sketchers! I ran my first 5K at the ago of 50 wearing my Sketchers Go Run shoes! I have several pairs of athletic shoes but my Sketchers are the best! I also have a pair of Sketchers Go Walk shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes! I wear them any time I know I will be on my feet all day. This is one happy Sketchers customer who would be extremely excited to win a new pair!

  51. Crystal McKinley says:

    Sketchers were the big shoe in my high school days and I loved every pair. Now the modern styles are so cute and comfortable too! I need a new pair thanks Sketchers!

  52. Darlene W. says:

    I own one pair right now but have always loved Sketchers! I love the way Sketchers as stayed innovative with their shoes. The new designs are great and I love the gel padding in them now! Thanks

  53. costana hornbaker says:

    Skechers sneakers that slip on are a literal godsend with small kids and your hands full. I have owned a pair consistently over the last decade and adore that style. Comfortable and wear well. I could use a new pair and would appreciate immensely .

  54. Lynda McMillan says:

    I have one pair Skechers, and they are a wonderful pair to boot too. All together I have 5 pairs of shoes and the Skehers are my favorite. The shoes are comfortable and nice looking. #CustomerAppreciationDay

  55. Jessica miller says:

    I have 2 pairs of sketchers I wear and that i the only brand I wear. When I saw this post I thought this was perfect for me. I love my sketchers!!

  56. Megan Cline says:

    I sadly only own one pair…but that will soon change. I’ve always heard about how comfortable they were, but didn’t realize how true that was until I bought my first pair. I fell in love with Demi Lovato’s style. That’s actually why I bought a pair. Best shoes hands down. I wear mine everyday.

  57. Megan Cline says:

    Sadly I only own one pair…but that will soon change. I’ve always heard how comfortable they were, but didn’t realize how true that was until I bought my first pair. I fell in love with Demi Lovato’s style. That’s actually what brought me to buy them. Best shoes hands down! I wear mine everyday.

  58. Saundra Bowers says:

    I have 2 pair currently. I don`t remember when I got or wore my first pair. It has been years. My daughter and I competed on getting some cute ones and were able to share for awhile until our sizes changed. Now we secretly smile but envy the others shoes. Love Skechers!

  59. Cynthia Finan says:

    Bought my husband a pair of Skechers several years ago, and since it’s the only shoe he will wear! He has four pair right now!

  60. lizzette martin says:

    The first pair of running shoes I bought with my first job were a pair of Sketchers since then I have owned around 3 pairs of Sketchers not counting the ones we bought for our kids as well. I am a loyal Sketcher type of gal .

  61. Maria P. says:

    At any given time, I have 2 pairs that I rotate. They get used ALOT. When a pair wears out, I get another pair. Always Skechers because I haven’t found any others that feel this good on my feet.

  62. Cynthia Stacey says:

    I have 7 pair of Skechers and my Mom is a fan too – she has 6 pair. I have mostly Skechers Active Breathe Easy Slip-On Sneakers in Brown, Navy and Black and also I love the Performance Go Walk Shoes – I have Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 in Navy and Raspberry they are so comfortable and my shopping and walking shoes. I have one pair of Microburst Greatness – I think that is the right name- which I love to knock around in – they are fun shoes they are very colorful with black. And I have one pair of Skechers Sandals Ragae – very colorful!!! I use these for boating and the beach. I have been window shopping for the fall line of Skechers – Love the Natty and Raggae Fest Boots and also the suede Skechers too. I really need to get some good fall/winter shoes to wear to work and to go with my fall clothes. Skechers are AWESOME Shoes!!!! They fit perfectly and last a long time and even after wearing them for a year or so – they still look new. I love Skechers and I recommend them to everyone. I got my Mom started on them and that is all she buys now. When I visit she will say – Oh look at my new Skechers or she will show me an advertisement with Skechers and we oohhhh and ahhhh!!!! Thank you Skechers for making the PERFECT shoes!!!

  63. Bob Morella says:

    I have 4 pair – just counted. I have a pair of Pelmo low top brown boots, two pair of sneakers – one is an older pair blue and the newer pair is Performance Bionic, and I have some brown nicer slip-ons not sure of the name. I wear those for dressing up casual like. My first pair was some sneakers about 10 years ago they were gray and white which my wife bought.

  64. Michelle Northcutt says:

    My fashionable older sister was the first in our house to sport Skechers! I used to sneak in her room to try and steal her shoes! I wanted to be stylish with and show off my Skechers too so mom and dad caved and bought me my first pair!

  65. Amanda Mitchell says:

    Love Sketchers! I have 5 pairs. Work shoes, sandals, and flip flops cover the basics. And I hope to have more, because they are so comfortable! I would love to win a new pair. 🙂

  66. Dave and Anabelle Broadbent says:

    We LOVE, love, love Skechers! My husband currently owns 7 pairs and I own 7 pairs! We are both HUGE fans of the brand! My husband has been wearing Skechers for the past five years and I remember my very first pair back in early 2000’s (almost 16 years ago!). I own both casual and running Skechers! Awesome shoes!!!

  67. Tammy says:

    I have 2 pairs of skechers I tried others brands and could only get 4 months out of them. I often walk 9 miles a day at work on concrete. I have had my skechers for 7 months and still in excellent shape.

  68. Mary Irvin says:

    Oh!, how I love my Skechers! From the first pair I owned, I have loved the comfort, style and durability , I get with Skechers.I love the way they wrap my feet in comfort, I can get thru any day in my Skechers! I love that there are always so many styles, colors and choices . All I can say is keep em coming! Thanks, I love my Skechers!

  69. Rachel Morris says:

    Love Sketchers – they’ve been a favorite for many years! Started with the slide in tennis shoes, moved on to black platform boots, and many more. Most comfortable shoes I own and can’t wait to get more!!!

  70. Kaylin Bruce says:

    I’m a HUGE Sketchers fan! I currently own 9 pairs of Skechers. I bought some for slip-resistant comfort and style at work and the rest are walking and running Sketchers. I bought my first pair of Sketchers 10+ years ago. I always say I was the first person I know, to get a pair. Since then, I’ve never bought another brand. LOVE all the styles and varieties! I even got my mom wearing them. (:

  71. Kymberlee Peel says:

    I currently have three pairs of Skechers! I bought my first pair in 2003! I love Skechers because it’s the only brand of shoes I can buy online because I don’t have to try them on first! I am obsessed with Skechers sandals, they are so comfy!

  72. Elainejoyce2007@yahoo.com says:

    I have 5 pairs, the white high tops being the latest..wore them on the plane to vacation land and then instead of my sandals which were killing me I switched to my high tops the rest of the vacation..it was like walking on a cloud..thanks Sketchers!

  73. Iris says:

    I dont have a pair right now and Have never wore one. I would like to try a pair on my feet and feel how comfy they are. Thanks for the chance . Fingers crossed!

  74. Most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes I own!!! Used to buy those “other” name brands, because I thought “Sketchers” were mostly worn by women! I found them in the men’s section one day and decided to try them on… OMG, I instantly felt comfort that I had never felt before! I will never but anything but “Sketchers” from here on!!!

  75. Lisa Johnston says:

    I think I have about 6 or 7 pairs of your shoes now. My previous job was working on cement floors. The foot pain I was experiencing was horrible until I discovered Skechers. It made a huge difference. Now I won’t wear any other brand!

  76. Haley mellert says:

    I love love Skechers!
    I live in them ! From go walk , to running shoes to bobs !!! I’m covered !!! My nieces love them too💕

  77. jeffronda says:

    Wow! I have owned skechers for as long as I can remember! Before I started having my little ones, I used them at work and for exercising. As the many many years have passed, I have now passed that LOVE on to my two teenage girls. They have made everything from the little princess looking Skechers to the upper teen more professional and age appropriate shoes as well. As our family has grown, we have been able to find the PERFECT Skecher shoe to fit our needs!!! We❤ Skechers and could always use a new pair of them!!!!

  78. Lisa G says:

    I bought my first pair of Skechers when I broke my ankle badly. These Go walk 3 Skechers saved me so much because they are the only shoes I can wear without my feet hurting! I absolutely love them!! I have two pairs. They let me continue my life as before without ankle and feet pain. Thanks!

  79. Cheryll Shubert says:

    We are definitely a ‘Sketcher’ family! Our little one wears his Sketchers everyday and my husband and I wear our Sketchers most of the time too! They are comfortable and stylish and they don’t break the bank…perfect combo!! We are so grateful to Sketchers for taking such great care of our feet!! xoxoxo

  80. Lemor Davidovici says:

    i love skechers!. these sneakers & shoes are 1# plus they are my favorites!. skechers are very stylish & i but only these sneakers because they make me feel very good!. everyone i see when i wear these sneakers tell me how great i look wearing them!.

  81. Sam M. says:

    I currently have three pairs…one that I’ve had for over five years and love how comfortable they are! My first pair was in college and I’ve been a huge fan ever since – best shoes ever!

  82. i have six SKECHERSUSA sneakers plus one skechers sandals!. they are very cool. i love them. these skechers are my favorites & they are the only ones i buy. everytime i wear them people who see me wear them. tell me who great & cool i look wearing them. these skechers are very stylish & unique!.

  83. Connie Merritt says:

    I own three pair of Skechers and I love them! I bought my first pair more then 10 years ago. I love your shoes and I would love to win. They are so comfortable and stylish. I wear them with so many things! Thank you for your great company. #CustomerAppreciationDay

  84. Noelle says:

    I think we currently have 2 pairs in the house. With 2 growing kids we are constantly cycling types of shoes. I have had my favorite pair (mary jane flex) for a few years now.

  85. Barbara Tryon says:

    I have One Pair of Sketchers and really love them. Would love another Pair. I always wear my Sketchers when I go walking and always wear them when we go to the New York State Fair. Love that my Sketchers hold up and keep my feet comfortable. Thanks for this Amazing Giveaway.

  86. Shawn A says:

    I own three pair of Sketchers at the moment and am hoping to get a new pair soon. Your shoes are not only the most comfortable, but I love the variety and how cute they are.


  88. Kim Lynch says:

    I have bought numerous pairs for my son. He wears a 12 6E and this width is impossible to find. He is able to wear Sketchers in the wide cut styles. Thanks Sketchers for giving me an alternative for my son!

  89. aljrdavid says:

    Love skechers, have two pair. I got them because I was getting “older” and needed to get into shape. They are not only stylish but real comfy. I think it is time for a few more pair!

  90. My son, daughter -in-law, grandsons, and husband all own a pair or two. I could never find the one I wanted in any store I shopped. Would love to own a pair of pink or purple slip one, light weight ones sz 8 1\2. But I can’t find them, if I find one similar, they are way out of my price range! Love to win! My feet would really Thank you!

  91. Belinda Moore says:

    My first pair of Sketchers was a pair of black hiking boots. I wore them so many different places and they lasted a long time too. Been a fan every since. Thanks!

  92. Leslie Lynne says:

    I’ve been wearing skechers since 1996! They are my go to shoe, so comfy & stylish! I’ve gotten my gram, Mom, sis & aunt hooked also!!!

  93. Paula Niccoli says:

    I’ve owned 3 pairs but I’m down to 2 because I have a pair to someone who never wore a pair. She loves them. It’s been a year now and she still wears them.
    As for me, I wear mine all the time. To the gym of course,housework,shopping,standing in lines,and in the kitchen,errands of all kinds,any time I know that I’ll be doing any walking. I’ve had 2 back surgeries and I know without my sketches I wouldn’t be able to do most of the things I do. I won’t spend money on any othe r kinds of shoes.

  94. Bonnie Wilks says:

    I own one pair but I have had them for quite awhile so will be time to buy new ones soon. Sure wish that I could win.

  95. Kathleen Kuykendall says:

    My daughter and I love your shoes since it is the only shoes she can wear because of her medical needs. Her only other “shoes” are casts!

  96. Jackie P says:

    I only have one pair of Skechers and love them! They are my all time favorite pair of shoes! I would love to own more. They are so stylish and so comfortable.

  97. Carrie Conrad says:

    I have two daughters and between the three of us, we have 9 pairs of Skechers! We have boots, shoes and flip flops! We love them!

  98. Brandy says:

    I’ve been wearing Skechers since I was a teenager and when I had kids I started buying them the newest Skechers every year before school. Now that I’m a Nana I’ll be buying Skechers for my grandkids.

    Generations of Skechers fans

  99. Sheryl says:

    I wore my first pair of Sketchers six years ago when I travelled to Disney World to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I still have that pair of Sketchers in addition to three other pairs. Sketchers are comfortable, stylish and quality made.

  100. Becky Cole says:

    I have 3 pair, one white, one pink, and one black. My son has 2 pair also – one red and one blue. We love how comfy they are!

  101. I own just one pair of Skechers and wear them everyday when I go walking. I have owned this pair for 3 years and they wear so well they still look new….love my Skechers and yes, would love to win a new pair..Thank you for this opportunity …

  102. LISA SIMOES says:

    I currently own 2 pairs of Skechers sneakers & 2 pairs of sandals. They are all so comfy especially the new memory foam slip on sneakers! Long live Skechers!

  103. Jill says:

    My Mother in law bought me my first pair of Sketchers about 5 years ago and ever since then I have been in love with this brand. They are great looking but most importantly they are the most comfortable shoe ever!!!! Love love love them so much.

  104. Mary Morgan says:

    I am 71 years young & I have been a fan of Skechers for at least 10 years and have owned at least 20 pairs. I work as a grocery checker year round and in a garden center also for approx. 4 months of the year so I am always on my feet. I wear the Skechers Softee work shoe year ’round and others casually. I love how the Softee has very good arch support & non slip soles. Thank you for making great shoes for work & play.

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