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Hi, it’s Britt here from FitBrittNutrition! I’m a Holistic Nutritionist-to-be, and am passionate about ALL things health and fitness related.  After Skechers sent me a pair of their new Flex Appeal shoes to try out, I wanted to share my favorite tips with you that help me stay motivated to work out and all around live a healthier life. We can all get a little lazy with winter’s colder months, so these tips will help you jump right back into your fit-gear.

First, schedule your workouts for the week

That’s right, just like you would schedule a doctor appointment or a lunch meeting, SCHEDULE in those workouts on your calendar for the week! So many of my clients complain that they can’t find the motivation to work out during the week because they get home from work feeling tired, but if you schedule in 3-4 workouts throughout your work week ahead of time, you are more likely to stick to them. I also recommend working out at whatever time you know you will commit to, whether you’re a morning person and that’s before work, on your lunch break, or right after work, perhaps before you go home and get stuck to your couch. Find what time works for you!

Be prepared

Always have a bag of workout necessities stashed in your car. A few workout musts to include in your bag: A pair of your favorite Skechers, shorts/leggings, a workout bra (ladies), tank top, sweat towel, water bottle, a pre-workout snack like a bar (choose one that has clean ingredients that you recognize), and some headphones to play uplifting tunes. Also, plan out your meals on a weekly basis. I use Sundays as my meal planning and prepping day. Doing this ensures I have healthy meals and snacks on hand to eat throughout the week.

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Keep your weekends active

To keep your healthy habits consistent, plan one challenging workout to do every weekend. Whether it’s a new workout class you’ve been wanting to try, something a little unconventional like paddle-boarding, or going on a new hike. Choose a workout you usually don’t have time to do during your work week. I always plan out my weekend activity (which is usually an extra-long hike in a new area) during the beginning of a new week to give me something to look forward to and help me stick to it.

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Revamp date nights with friends

Friends are definitely good for your health, there are studies out there that prove it! However, greasy food and alcoholic beverages (if you are of legal-age) are not so good for your health. So the next time you make “Happy Hour” plans with your friend to catch up, opt for trying a new activity or healthy restaurant together instead, or even both!

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Update your workout shoes

Lastly, and most importantly (at least my feet would think so), update your workout shoes with a new style for 2016. Nothing motivates me like a new pair of shoes I can’t wait to wear to the gym or out hiking. It’s important to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes that are going to support you in whatever your workout (or workouts) of choice may be. You can see the Flex Appeal-Whirl Wind training shoe that Skechers sent me in the pictures. First, can we take a moment to acknowledge how cute they are?! And maybe even more importantly, how comfy and supportive they are…I’ve been rocking these shoes everywhere! Invest in a pair of shoes you feel good about, and that feel good on your feet.

Once you incorporate ALL of these tips, you’ll realize what a healthier week and weekend you’ve created for yourself without too much effort. Soon, these little changes will become habits that will contribute to living a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain. Not to mention, you’ll start to realize how amazing your body feels, inside and out, and nothing is more rewarding than that!

Britt Martin is a California native who is passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness. She has her Communication degree from Cal State Fullerton and is currently pursuing her goal of becoming a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College. She enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, yoga, and her dog-children. For inspiration, workouts, motivation, and lots of health tips and recipes, follow @FitBrittNutrition on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website at


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