We’ve been thrilled to receive so many great shots of you in your Skechers… and can’t wait to see more! A quick snap of you in your Skechers soles can get you $25 toward your next pair. Just post it with #spottedinSKECHERS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you could be one of three new winners every month… plus your shot could end up on the Skechers feed in front of millions! Learn more here.


  1. Sherree hunter says:

    I love Skechers I have 6 pair my favorite is the relaxed fit that’s my dressing up going to church shoes I can stand it I’m all day and not be tired at the end and when you tend to the nursery and preschoolers you need comfortable shoes thank you please come out with more colors

  2. Yanni says:

    I have bought a lot of shoes for my family and for myself. All of them said that the quality of the shoes is very good、easy and comfortable to wear. I will continue to buy nest time.

  3. Debby Palmer says:

    I love the premium sketcher shoes. My feet don’t hurt at all wearing them. Please don’t change them.. I hate the shoes with memory foam, they are useless to me.

  4. Debra Garcia says:

    I luv my cushion foam skeechers before I bought them had lots of foot pain hard to walk.
    My skeechers have been a blessing in the sky for me. Thank you skeechers.

    Debra Garcia

  5. Crystal Santos says:

    I would be spotted wearing Sketchers anywhere u love them so much. At one time I had a pair for a few years my husband begged me to get rid of them but I couldn’t because they were so comfortable. In fact I still have them hid in my closet they are over 10 years old now.

  6. Kathy says:

    I love my sketchers!! You’ll catch me walking in front of my home. That’s how I get my exercise besides running after 2 toddlers!!

  7. Debbie says:

    I love my Skechers! It’s my 1st pair of many to come! I started walking every day because these sneaker make me feel as if I’m walking on a cloud of air…no one can keep up with my pace! I highly recommend!

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