In just a few short years, Skechers Memory Foam has grown from a new innovation into an integral feature of our footwear collections. Our memory foam technology has really struck a chord with people of every age. The comfort material that was once exclusively for bedtime is now something that adults and kids can wear everywhere they go, on every shoe imaginable – whether it’s our sport, casual or fashion looks – and the same people who became less dependent on comfort and more on style are now expecting the best of both worlds in their footwear.

Skechers heard these demands loud and clear… and has expanded beyond our original Skechers Memory Foam technology to include additional features that suit each unique style. From air-cooled memory foam that provides enhanced breathability, to gel-infused memory foam that offers a perfect balance of comfort and support. With every new design, we’re focusing on making comfort stylish so everyone can wear the latest trends and love every new Skechers look they wear, inside and out.

For all of those who want a little more cushion in classic alpargatas, flats and sandals, to keep their feet comfy on the playground or who need on-the-job Work footwear that’s tough on protection but soft on soles, Skechers Memory Foam now instantly contours and offers all-day comfort for all these and more. Our massive memory foam offering has made us the go-to footwear brand for anyone looking for trend-right comfort.

Check out all of our Skechers Memory Foam features below, and let us know your favorite style in the comments.


    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi Dolly,

      Unfortunately, we do not sell or stock replacement insoles at this time. Our shoes fit any standard insoles you can find at your local merchants, such as sporting goods or retail stores that carry shoe accessories.

  1. Ok, I believe I saw….or heard…an advertisement that talked about ‘cooling’ memory foam sneakers (??) Going to Disney soon and would like the most comfortable shoe I can find. Since my feet swell when doing a lot of activity, I would love one that offer a ‘cooling’ effect.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi Trudy, most of our shoes have air-cooled memory foam insoles to keep you comfortable all day! We also have relaxed fit shoes that give you a little extra room. You can search on our website for “Air Cooled Memory Foam” or “relaxed fit” to see all of the available options. Hope that helps!

  2. Linda Evans says:

    Hi, Do you sell replacement memory form insoles as my trainers are still looking great but the insoles need replacing thanks for your time Mrs Linda Evans in south Wales in the UK

  3. Arivin says:

    I bought a pair of Women’s Flex fit with air cooling memory foam last week. I wore them at work for three days and the memory foam soles are already flattened… and the sole itself does not provide “comfort” all day. About 3 hours into my 9-10 hour work day my feet are killing me. Needless to say I’m pretty sure I bought the lemon of the memory foam shoe and it sucks that I’m out the $65… 😔

  4. kim mccracken says:

    Wore my new sketchers with memory foam tonight and I love them !! I have back problems and tonight we did a lot of standing at the Christmas party we went to and my back did not hurt at all .. These really help . Thanks so much for making these really great shoes !! Will be buying more in the future !

  5. Jennifer says:

    No offense, but I hate memory foam. However, I do love the gogamat soles. I’ve been trying to find sneakers by Skechers that have the gogamat sole and come in my size. It’s been very frustrating. I ordered a pair of GoWalk sneakers from and when I got them and tried them on, the gogamat sole is not the same as it used to be. The insole now says “air cooled” on it. Maybe that is the problem. It lacks the cushiness and bounce and support that the old regular gogamat soles had. Can you tell me which of your women’s sneakers has the old awesome gogamat sole and comes in 8-wide?
    Also, I am disappointed to see the price gouging that is occurring for the more popular sizes and the wide sizes. I can’t find the shoes in my size in the stores and can only find them online and all the wide sizes are close to twice the price of some of the other sizes. This is unethical in my opinion. I don’t know if Skechers is to blame or the seller on (Shoezoom).

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