Robert Greenberg 2014

Merely a few short weeks after being honored by Footwear News with their Lifetime Achievement Award, Skechers CEO Robert Greenberg has been recognized once again. The website ExecRank has listed Greenberg as number 17 on its annual listing of top CEOs in the United States. Especially notable is that Greenberg was the only footwear company CEO to make the top 20 in any of the three ranked categories—Small-Cap, Mid-Cap (where Skechers was ranked) and Mega/Large-Cap.

In speaking with Footwear News about these latest accolades, Robert Greenberg stated, “[I feel] wonderful, especially considering the other successful footwear companies in our enormously challenging industry, and I was chosen. It’s because of the popularity and phenomenal growth of our brand and company over the last three years.”

As Skechers is more popular than ever in the United States and around the globe and the company is consistently recognized as a leader in the footwear industry, everyone at Skechers is proud that our chief is getting the attention he deserves as well. He will humbly tell you that success comes from the many talents of our entire team, but Skechers wouldn’t be Skechers if it wasn’t for the vision and guidance of Robert Greenberg.



  1. Basil says:

    Dear Sir Robert Greenberg,
    Can u provide me with your official Email id
    I have a complaint regarding one of ur product which I bought recently .Thank you.

  2. Dear Sir Robert Greenberg- I would really like to speak to you about the treatment I am receiving from your New York customer service after being given the wrong size shoes by the store and their refusal to refund my money when they cannot provide me with the right sized shoes. I have talked to your customer service in New York and New Zealand and they are refusing to do the right thing, showing absolutely no integrity. i would really like this put right. Can I please have the email of someone in management who can put this right because this has gone on since September and i have been given shoes I cannot wear.

  3. Mykal & Karye Brass says:

    Hello Sir Robert Greenberg my first time shopping at skechers seemed to have went well. My issue arose when after spending almost $200 at your store and signing up for the Elite membership we were not able to use the $10 reward for spending over $100. The mistake was not noticed until we went back to get more shoes and learned of the mistake. I was directed to contact customer service to have the changes corrected that were made at the store level and assured the reward would be mailed out to us. The store could not correct their mistake and could only offer a $2.00 discount compared to the $10. I contacted customer service 7/27/18 and per the web site that they would contact me back. Unfortunately I received no contact back the entire weekend. After being on hold 25 minutes after calling customer service I was directed back to the store to get the issue resolved and receive a credit for the reward. The store referred me to customer service and customer service referred me back to the store. I know the $10 is not a large amount but the treatment of being sent to each point of contact for help is not good. No one is willing to correct this problem and I mentioned it to the store it was bad customer service that I have to pay for their mistake and the manager could not assist me except offer the $2.00 discount. I am not happy to say the least. My first experience was not a good one. The corrections have been made to the account by the 1-800 number. The phone number and emails were both entered incorrectly at the store causing this mistake. I am not sure if you are able to do anything but I just wanted you to know. I am unsure what to do now. We’ve spent $200 after the Friday’s purchase and still have not been able to use the reward and was suggested to spend more money or just let it build up. I can not wear that many shoes in a 6 month period. We purchased a total of 5 pairs for 2 adults.

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