Thanksgiving Collage

Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Whether you love to spend the day whipping up a feast in your kitchen or like to keep it simple by gobbling at a friend’s place or a restaurant, it’s America’s favorite day to feast. We polled our office mates for their top Thanksgiving dishes – and got everything from delicious classics to innovative updates (and a surprising passion for all things sweet potato!). Read on for our favorite bites and some links to great dishes for your holiday.

Melissa – Dark meat gently nestled against a small mound of mashed potatoes with gravy dripping down the side; on the other side nuzzling up to garlic stuffing, with cranberry sauce along for the ride. I’ve actually gotten all of this onto a fork for one bite!

Akane – Sausage stuffing, with all the crunchy and moist croutons, with loads of gravy poured on top… here’s a great recipe.

Gina – Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I use a few recipes, but here’s a good one.

JamesSkillet Corn with Bacon. Not only is this recipe super easy to make…you can even substitute frozen corn for fresh. But we’re talking about corn cooked in bacon fat here! HELLO. YUM.

JennRoasted butternut squash and sage lasagna. Delicious!

Lauren – Pumpkin pie served chilled with whipped cream on top. I’m not a cook, so I buy the Trader Joe’s version and it’s delicious!

Brennan – KFC and a bottle of Prosecco sounds good.

And three-way sweet potato tie…

JD – I always loved sweet potato casserole because of the toasted marshmallows – welcome to the South, where nothing is good for you and we end the holidays by enrolling in Weight Watchers.

Alisa – Sweet potato casserole – lots of brown sugar and candied pecans make this the perfect dish for Thanksgiving Day AND the morning after! Here’s a recipe similar to my grandma’s.

Marcella – A yam sweet potato dish that my sister makes! She makes it just right to where it isn’t too sweet. I can’t wait to have it this Thanksgiving!!!

What’s your favorite dish? Tell us in the comments!

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