TV bingers unite! In celebration of the recent Emmys and the start of fall, we asked our team what they’re catching up on this season – and now have a new slew of shows that we can’t turn off. Whether you’re looking for your next screen fix or an old favorite, check out this list for some great ideas.

Lara: Parks and Recreation. I think I watched all seven seasons in the span of a weekend.  The show guarantees laughs with every episode – I wish Leslie Knope was running for president!  And that Chris Pratt is a fox!”

JD:Modern Family – fun times with the family you always wanted…”

Gina:American Horror Story.  I can’t watch it by myself so I wait and make my boyfriend watch it with me.”

James: “Joss Whedon’s cult masterpiece, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With 144 episodes – plus another 110 if you add on spin-off series Angel – this is a long haul binge that will get you through all the cooler months ahead.”

Nestor: House of Cards. The show highlights powerful people’s worst impulses to remain in political power… while fictional, there are hints of reality. There are plenty of plot twists, it moves quickly and it doesn’t drag on.”

Thomas: “Currently binge watching Ancient Aliens. I really like how ridiculous the show is.”

Claudia: Last Man on Earth. The main character Phil is the guy you love to hate but can’t stop watching. He’s such a jerk! Can’t wait to watch the next season and find out what shenanigan he gets himself into.”

Akane: “Anything HooplaKidz. The perfect channel for binging videos all over your toddler when she’s squirrely and out of control! Great songs that little kids love, and a great break for tired parents.”

Marcella: The Office! I love the private conference room where they let you know how they’re really feeling, and all the crude/witty humor. It’s uncomfortable to watch, but Michael Scott (Steve Carell) makes it impossible for you to hate him.”

Melissa: Fixer Upper on HGTV… Chip Gaines (That’s all I have to say). Actually anything HGTV… they’re all pretty cute!”

Alisa: Friends! This classic is always my go to on a happy, sad, or sick day. Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebs have me laughing out loud every single time.”

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