If there’s one thing an iconic drummer needs after wrapping up a two-month tour…it’s a little relaxation. Unless of course you’re the legendary Ringo Starr where downtime might be difficult to come by. Fans around the world recently got their first listen of Postcards From Paradise—Ringo’s 18th solo album and the first to feature a track written and recorded with his current All Starr Band. For Ringo that means a busy promo schedule and a lot of time on his feet when comfort can make or break a day.

That’s why Relaxed Fit footwear from Skechers is such a perfect match for the world famous musician. With a soft Skechers Memory Foam insole, these shoes feel amazing at every step and offer the looks to coordinate with rockstar style. Ringo somehow found time to shoot a new commercial for Relaxed Fit and you can see it first right here! As you’ll see—when Ringo mentors the greenest of drummers, it all starts with the shoes.

And as if this guy wasn’t cool enough already, Ringo will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Paul McCartney with The Award for Musical Excellence on April 18.

Let us know what you think of the new commercial in the comments!  And don’t forget to pick up Ringo’s new album Postcards From Paradise available now from Universal Music Enterprises.




  1. Joe Nocella says:

    Skechers should have asked Pete Best to be in the commercial with Ringo. That would have been an amazing commercial. The idea of a commercial is to get people talking, create a buzz, etc.. It would have been historical if you ask me. Why not throw Pete a bone after all of these years?

  2. Satya Hima says:

    There was a great customer service in satisfied of return at the Great Mall Skechers store in Milpitas CA. Strongly recommending to buy there if you happen to stopping by.

  3. wipster56 says:

    I want to know what the shoes are that they show… there are a couple pairs that I love, but I can’t find them on the Sketchers webpage… does anybody know?

    • SKECHERS says:

      Glad you love the shoes! Here are the ones featured in Ringo’s commercial:
      64109 BLK (Shoe that Ringo is wearing): Relaxed Fit: Expected – Avilo – (available1)
      64501 CHAR: Relaxed Fit; Glides- Status – (coming soon!)
      64365 LTBR: Relaxed Fit: Superior- Milford (available)
      51442 CCBK: Relaxed Fit: Skech-Flex (available)
      64109 BLU: Relaxed Fit: Expected – Avilo (available)

  4. Johnny Johnston says:

    …i love the commercial and Ringo’s suttle but fun/great drumming…in chill style.

    One of my favorite commercials….makes me like Ringo ven more!

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