Let There (Not) Be Light!

We know that kids love SKECHERS light-up shoes.  Whether it’s Twinkle Toes or Super Hot Lights, SKECHERS has so many ways to make shoes light up, and that makes kids happy.

We want to make everyone happy, so SKECHERS introduced Switch Lights, a simple and fun way to turn off the lights on our light-up shoes.  If you’re at the movies, in the car, at school or anywhere that light-up shoes would be a distraction, simply press the on/off switch to disable the light-up function.  Press again, and the shoes are ready to blink their brightest! 10380_BMLT

Switch Lights give parents a tool to put kids in control of their light-up fun. This feature helps the lights last longer as well.

Check out all of our Switch Lights shoes with this convenient on/off switch here:




  1. Natalie green says:

    These shoes suck I bought my son a pair of sketchers magic lights and after 3 times of wearing them the left shoe went out and has never worked again while his right works perfectly not to mention the sketchers outlet gave me one shoe that lights up blue n green n one shoe red and yellow! As a mother of 4 I wouldn’t buy another pair for ANY CHILD!!

    • SKECHERS says:


      Thanks for reaching out to us about the issues you are having. We apologize that this has happened to your son’s shoes. Our customer service team will be in touch to discuss options. As for the different colored lights, our Magic Lites are designed as you mentioned. The right shoe has blue and green lights, and the left shoe has red and yellow lights.

      • Desiree says:

        My mom bought me a pair of the switch lights from the Santa Barbara sketchers store and one stopped working so I called the store and received a new pair for free, this morning was going to be the third time I wore them and one of them isn’t working again! I put it on the charger but it’s not blinking red like it usually does when they are dead.

  2. Alistair griffiths says:

    Our sons shoe is just going off all the time, I think the battery will have run out by the morning!! The switch doesn’t seem to work??
    They are great shoes and he really loves them so it is a shame. We bought them last Tuesday.

  3. Laina says:

    The lights on my son’s shoes no longer work, which is a horrible tragedy if you are 4. Does anyone have any idea how to fix/replace the lights???

  4. Nellie Vasquez says:

    We purchased the Super Hot Lights and my son loved them. He wore it one day and now the one shoes won’t turn off. Will the lights on the sole burn? I don’t want him to get hurt.

  5. Gwenmclaughlin says:

    Bought a pair of these just before store closed at 6pm on Wednesday, my son wore them Thursday and by Thursday evening the left shoe was continually flashing orange. Put it in cupboard after trying for quite sometime to turn it off. Opened cupboard this am to find it still flashing. Got one very disappointed 6year old, and am none to happy myself, didn’t expect long life from lights but certainly expected more than 24hours before they broke! Have emailed the address provided above and look forward to response.

  6. James says:

    Got my son a pair of sketcher Sketch Air Lightz
    And after just a few days one works and the other does nothing. I realize the battery and life time of a shoe cannot be for ever but 50 plus dollars for a few days of light is kind of stiff.

  7. S Mendez says:

    My son got a pair of the hot lights shoes that have the switch and after a couple wears the right shoe will not come on I’ve tried everything I can think of to try and get them to work. I’m not sure if they battery has given out or the switch has slipped to a different area of the shoe but I’m not sure of what to do at this point to fix it. Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated

  8. Gabrielle says:

    I can’t get my sons shoes to turn off. He loves them and I love being able to track him in the park but from what I reading there seems to be an issue. What can I do. I bought them last week for just under $60!!!

  9. Fanny Galindo says:

    I emailed you a few months back with no response!! I bought my 4 year old son some skechers I paid over $64 at skecher outlet. A few days later one of them completly stopped working and the push button wouldn’t work to shut the other one off. He was very upset and if course I am too. The outlet is 45 minutes drive from our home. I am very unhappy with your product especially with no respond from no one. I would not recommend this to nobody. Especially no customer service or help!!

  10. Andy Cogan says:

    I have had exactly the same problems with the shoes I bought for my son’s birthday.

    After wearing them just 4 times, the lights on one shoe do not work.

    Very disappointed birthday boy.

  11. Sorry if a repeat but cant see my comment/complaint to this list?

    I bought a pair of light up shoes for my son’s birthday. After wearing them 4 times, the lites on one show will not work. I ensured the lites were switched off everytime.

    I have a disappointed birthday boy.

    I would appreciate your help.

  12. chrissy says:

    My daughter just got a pair of sketches twinkle toes for a gift and has only worn them once now only one shoe lights up, what can we do to fix it. We are a faithful customer of sketches he has had a pair of twinkle toes every years since she was big enough to wear them ,and we never had this problem

  13. Adolfo Chapa says:

    Bought my son some shoes and he loves them especially the lights. We bought them on Saturday and the left shoe has not stopped flashing since yesterday. The button doesn’t work so it’s just flashing yellow all the time. When we got them they were flashing different colors. What should I do?

  14. Stephanie Wolz says:

    I am emailing your social media@skechers.com per all the requests above. Our daughters shoe stopped flashing after a day of use. She is very disappointed as are we. I guess it could be worse, her light could not shut off. Was there a new design or a bad lot or something? Thank you for your help and assistance.

  15. Cecily Wendling says:

    Searched and searched stores for the Darth Vader sound/light up shoes in my sons size. He’s a dark side fanatic so you can imagine his disappointment when the 4th day of wear his Darth Vader made little to no noise. My sons 3, there is no consoling on this matter. I had to convince him to wear his other sketchers that have been going strong since Feb. My son has wide feet, and it’s hard for him to wear any brand of shoes. We usually stuck to converse (wore out quickly) and vans (Not enough styles). So when we tried sketchers it was a win because his feet wouldn’t hurt, he could put them on himself and he loved the bright colors. Is there anything that could be done for his loving Darth Vader sneaks? Replacement battery? Something? A distraught toddler is no fun for me.

  16. Jill says:

    I just bought a pair of twinkle toes for my little girl. She loves the lights…but they are driving me crazy 😉. Exactly where is the off switch???

  17. Alisha says:


    I’m experiencing the same issue as many others who have left comments. My son’s shoes won’t shut off (blink constantly). He only wore them a couple times before this issue began. He’s very sad that it will burn out soon. How can we fix the issue?

  18. Sibbonai Carswell says:

    I just bought my daughter a pair of the twinkle toes 4 days ago and they already stopped lighting up she cried as she is 5 and she loved the shoes . I am totally disappointed as I had to hunt for the shoes in her size.

  19. jherine2001 says:

    Hi Skechers Team,

    My son wore the STREET LIGHTZ – MAGIC LIGHTZ 2 which we purchased 2 weeks ago the first time today and when we reached home and took off the shoe, the RIGHT side lights would not turn OFF.

    Please advise.

    Jerome P Lagoa Jr

  20. Tiajuana Ledbetter says:

    I brought my daughter a pair of the Limited addition twinkle toes shoes. After the first day she wore them the right shoe stopped working. The light will flash when you hit the on and off button but if she walks they do not light up. I tried to take them back to the store I purchased them from. But they wouldn’t take them back. I purchased the shoes two weeks ago for $40 And she wore them for the first time on Tuesday.

  21. robin marshLl says:

    My daughter is crying due to the fact I just got her scetchers today…she jumped in the air 1 time…that’s all it took for left shoe to stop working! Help!!!!!

  22. Heather says:

    We bought our kids sketcher super hot lights for school last week and my son has wore his not even for the whole first week of school and the left shoes want turn off! The lights just keep flashing I’ve tried the button but it’s not working …….

  23. Kacee says:

    I bought my daughter some sketcher light up shoes and the left one on and off button stopped working after two wears and now day 5 and the left shoe does not light up at all…not so cool being the price we have to pay for these shows…

  24. Alisha Gomez says:

    Hello! Hope you’re having a good morning.
    2 days ago we bought our son the new 2016 Darth Vader Sketchers. He got introuble multiple times by his teacher cause the shoes kept making noise everytime he crossed his legs or touched them together. These Darth Vader Sketchers are different then the ones we’ve bought in the past they have some sort of sensor on the side of each shoe. So even though the are turned off if you touch the shoes together they automatically come on and make noise. I think it’s cool….but his teacher doesn’t. Is there another way to turn them off completely while he’s in class? If not I will have to run them 😦

  25. Beckie says:

    We bought my daughters first pair of twinkle toes. She started wearing then last Monday 8/22 and today she has a one blue light on the left foot that will not turn off!! We have turned it off, but that one still stays on!! So disappointing when they’ve been worn for only 2 weeks.

  26. Cherie-Anne says:

    I bought my daughter a pair of the swinkle wish shoes & after wearing them once the one shoe would not light up. So I took them back to the store they then exchanged them. Now she has wore her new pair about 3 times and the 3 lights on the toe of one shoe will not turn off & the wand wish noise does Not work!!! Of course I saved them for her to wear to school & she never got out the door the first day and this happened! Very disappointed to spend that kind of money on shoes that will not work any more.

  27. MARIAN MEJIA says:

    Hi, same issue here about magic lights 2. 0.. D lights wont shut off.. Plss help. Just bout it last month. My kid just wore it 4x!

  28. Rebecca Heuer says:

    These shoes are awful!! My Son’s Left shoe went out after only 3 days of buying these shoes from the Outlet. They light up blue, green, and white. He is so disappointed with these shoes. We will NOT be buying any Sketchers shoes again. Had the same problem with my daughter’s Twinkle toes shoes.

  29. Frank Rivera says:

    Hello my name is Frank Rivera. I purchased a per of Sketchers Magic lites 2.0 on Dec 07 2016 for my son. He wore them for the first time today and the left shoe won’t shut off. I am certain that the shoe is defective. It keeps glowing yellow. I tried everything to make them stop. My son really loves these shoes and they are defective

  30. Debbie says:

    Hi! I have have the same issue with my son’s Magic Lite 2.0, the left shoe kept blinking for more than 24hrs. then stopped and doesn’t work any more. the right shoe is good, on/off button works. This happened after he wore it just 4-5 times, and he’s really disappointed because he’s been asking about this for months because he already outgrew his spiderman lights shoes which he had for more than a year and lights are still working. So we’re both disappointed since Skechers is kinda pricy in the Philippines, I expected better quality.

  31. Purchased 2 pairs of Sketchers Super-Hot Lights with magic light 2.0 for 2 of our boys for Christmas. One pair has a shoe that never lit up! The other pair has a shoe that, less than 12 hours after opening, continuously flashes. It does not change modes, it does not turn off. It seems to be fading…The other shoe works great. 😦 Will try to return to store… but eeke… post Christmas return lines!

  32. Amy Bryan says:

    Please help… I know that Skechers twinkle toes shoes have an on/off switch somewhere and I cannot find it. My daughter loves the shoes but her school is telling they’re a “distraction” and she cannot wear them. These are the only shoes she has right now so that’s not an option.
    I’ve googled every variation of “how to turn them off” I can think of and the only thing that comes up is destroying the shoes. I WILL NOT intentionally destroy something I’ve paid money for.
    Will someone please tell me where to find the switch for my daughters sake so she doesn’t have to wear her worn out sneakers to school anymore. Thanks!

    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi Amy! Usually the on and off button is on the tongue of the shoe on the inside 🙂 Please email customer service with the style number and they will be able to assist you !!

  33. Brian says:

    We bought our son a pair of the super hot lights 2.0. He has wore them 3 times, today being the 3rd. Now the right shoe Will not quit blinking at all. I ha e tried everything. I found the change light mode & touch button mode but do not see a on off switch. They look great but until the light quits I can’t let him.wear them to school. He is disappointed as so am I.

  34. annabelle says:


    I bought my daughter a pair of sketchers magic lights and after 3 times of wearing them the right shoe went out and has never worked again while her left works perfectly. Can the lights be fixed? Please help.


  35. Gina says:

    I just bought my daughter a pair of twinkle toe skechers a few days ago and they worked perfectly for about 3 days. Now her right shoe won’t light up, she actually cried about it. I’m pretty disappointed.

  36. james benecke says:

    i bought my three kids the KIDS’ ENERGY LIGHTS SNEAKER for
    $64.99 x 3 = $194.97 at famous footwear two pair are working good but one side of the size one would never charge now its dead were all very sad 😦
    ★★★★★ 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read reviews.

  37. Cindy Zuniga says:

    Hello, I Hope have a good Week so far, My son is so sad, one his shoe doesnt work, and He want to used, bout so Sure Have to call you guys or send email, He will be happy to used again !! Thank yous

  38. Angelica Duprer says:

    U bought my 5 yr old daughter some last week and they stop working. Now she doesn’t want to wear them. I will never purchase another pair. They should at least tell you how to replace the lights or how to fix this. I at least thought it would be a month or two before the lights went out.

  39. Nicole Autry says:

    My daughter got the skechers light up shoes as a Christmas present from Santa, she loves them and has gotten a lot of wear out of them as she wears them EVERY DAY. We had no problems with lights being stuck on and she loved being able to switch between all of the colors… Only problem now is I think she wore them out and they won’t recharge. Anybody know if there is a way to send them to “santas workshop” and get them fixed?!

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