Let There (Not) Be Light!

We know that kids love SKECHERS light-up shoes.  Whether it’s Twinkle Toes or Super Hot Lights, SKECHERS has so many ways to make shoes light up, and that makes kids happy.

We want to make everyone happy, so SKECHERS introduced Switch Lights, a simple and fun way to turn off the lights on our light-up shoes.  If you’re at the movies, in the car, at school or anywhere that light-up shoes would be a distraction, simply press the on/off switch to disable the light-up function.  Press again, and the shoes are ready to blink their brightest! 10380_BMLT

Switch Lights give parents a tool to put kids in control of their light-up fun. This feature helps the lights last longer as well.

Check out all of our Switch Lights shoes with this convenient on/off switch here:




  1. Natalie green says:

    These shoes suck I bought my son a pair of sketchers magic lights and after 3 times of wearing them the left shoe went out and has never worked again while his right works perfectly not to mention the sketchers outlet gave me one shoe that lights up blue n green n one shoe red and yellow! As a mother of 4 I wouldn’t buy another pair for ANY CHILD!!

    • SKECHERS says:


      Thanks for reaching out to us about the issues you are having. We apologize that this has happened to your son’s shoes. Our customer service team will be in touch to discuss options. As for the different colored lights, our Magic Lites are designed as you mentioned. The right shoe has blue and green lights, and the left shoe has red and yellow lights.

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