How the Width Was Won

Q:  What shoes does Skechers make in a wide width?  What width is considered a wide width?

A:  Shoe size and width seems pretty simple, but it’s a bit more complex than it looks.   There are multiple options, and everyone’s foot is unique.  Luckily, Skechers makes a lot of different size and width options so nearly everyone should be able to find great shoes that fit them.

When we talk about shoe size, we’re really talking about length.  Most shoes available in a medium width are made to fit the average foot of that length – the longer the foot, on average, the wider it is at the wide part of the foot.  Shoes tend to mainly be available in the medium width, which for women is a B width, and for men is a D width.  Skechers also makes shoes in what we call a “Wide Width” on and an “EW” width on the shoe box.  For women, the Wide Width or EW option is a D width.  For men, the Wide Width or EW width is a 3E width.

Skechers also makes certain shoes in an even wider width for men – the Extra Wide Width, or on the shoe box the abbreviation is EWW.  That’s a 5E width.  Skechers also makes the Relaxed Fit® collection of shoes, which are made to fit roomier in their medium widths.  For the Relaxed Fit® shoes, a women’s medium will fit a medium B width but also a somewhat wider C width.  For the men, a Relaxed Fit® medium should fit a medium D width or a slightly wider E width.

You may be thinking that this is a lot of alphabet soup, and you’re right.  But those people who want or need a little more room in their shoes know when a shoe fits right, and even those who wear a medium width appreciate the roomy feel of Relaxed Fit® shoes.  Because when you feel relaxed and roomy in your shoes, your whole day just seems to go a little bit better.

Want to check out the entire Skechers Wide Width, Extra Wide Width and Relaxed Fit® collection? Just search “Relaxed Fit” anytime at, and shop all of our other wide styles here:

 Women’s Wide Styles

Men’s Wide Styles

Men’s Extra Wide Styles


  1. Genia Strawser says:

    Why do men get the extra extra wide shoes??? I am a woman who needs a 7 1/2 3 e width shoe and I can not find them any where. And because I can’t find them that wide for women I have had to have foot surgery because of shoes that are too narrow.
    Men are not the only ones who need extra wide width shoes!!!!!

    • SKECHERS says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly share this with our Product Team. In the meantime, you could look at men’s shoes available in an Extra Wide, which is a 3E width, and try the smallest size available, which is a size 6.5 in some shoes like the men’s Skechers GOwalk 3. It’ll be a little bit long, but you could add an extra heel cushion, and the width should be correct.

  2. Matt Ludlow says:

    I have flat feet, and require 3E shoes. I have bought a lot of Skechers in the past, but it seems that your selection for these widths has dwindled significantly. My current pair are on their last legs and I can’t find any suitable replacement, either in a Skechers outlet or online. (skate shoes)

    Any help?

    • SKECHERS says:

      We do not have any ‘skate shoe’ models in a men’s wide width currently, but I would recommend the Skechers GOwalk 3 shoes (style number 53980), Equalizer – Persistent (style 51361)or Flex Advantage (Style 51251) shoes for arch support and comfort, and those are available in a 3E width. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  3. Judy Bos-Parsons says:

    I used to get the women’s premiere athletic shoes in a size 10EW, what happened to the “extra” wide? Just wide, do not fit…

    • SKECHERS says:

      The abbreviation “EW” on a shoe box denotes the Skechers Wide Width, which is a women’s D width. There is no extra wide or wider width available in women’s shoes at this time. The abbreviation EW is used for wide width because the abbreviation W is used to denote Women’s shoes.

      If you previously wore a size 10EW according to the shoe box, ordering a size 10 in the wide width should be the same size and width.

  4. julia says:

    What about children? My son has a very wide foot, inherited from me:/
    Its very hard to get shoes to fit his width as well as the width over the top of the foot if a shoe has Velcro , sometimes even laces. Kids want to wear cool shoes too. But its really hard if they have problem feet, have orthotics, or arch supports etc.

  5. Cassandra Kincaid says:

    Why do you only have “relaxed fit” in your fashion sneakers? They are all way too wide and gap at the sides. Do you have any that are not so wide? Do you offer a true medium fit or a “narrow” fit for those of us who do not need wide shoes? I used to love your shoes.

  6. G Lacey says:

    Please start offering the Skechers Bobs in wide width. My daughter has wide feet and cannot fit into the BOBs you have. It seems to me that most of the wide shoes offered are very plain/boring colors. People with wide feet want to be stylish too!!!

    • SKECHERS says:

      Currently, Skechers does not make a narrow width. I would advise trying a shoe with a Memory Foam insole, since those should provide an excellent custom-feel fit, and additional shoes feature Memory Form Fit, where there is Memory Foam in the heel area to provide additional padding in the heel for a better fit in that area.

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