Sink Into SKECHERS Memory Foam

foam insoles 2

SKECHERS Memory Foam is all the rage, and no wonder: it’s like a bed for your feet! These ultra-cush insoles instantly contour to your soles… plus with SKECHERS Memory Foam in everything from our cozy winter casuals to next spring’s sandal collections, you can enjoy more incredible comfort all year long.

Check out this video trumpeting SKECHERS Memory Foam’s great features:

SKECHERS Memory Foam is now available in more collections than ever, from Relaxed Fit® Footwear for men and women, to BOBS styles and even shoes for kids – so now the whole family can sink into comfort.

Have a question about our SKECHERS Memory Foam collection? Leave it in our comments!


    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi, Joe! Memory Foam is a type of foam plastic material that provides excellent support and comfort. It’s best known for its use in mattresses and in Memory Foam insole shoes.

      • SKECHERS says:

        Most of the SKECHERS Sport, Casual and Performance shoes are treated to be anti-microbial, using Agion or Ortholite, both very safe and effective treatments. That helps prevent odors and keeps the shoes fresh and comfortable. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

      • Lori Neely says:

        I bought the sketchers with memory foam for my daughter… and her feet sweat in them. The memory foam really smells and I can’t get the smell out…… very pricey shoe for this to happen when you say it helps prevent odors. I bought her a pair of BOB’s with memory foam and no problem what so ever. ????

      • SKECHERS says:

        Most non-leather casual shoes can be safely machine washed on the gentle cycle and air-dried. Do not place shoes in dryer. For shoes with Skechers Memory Foam™ insoles, allow shoes and insoles to air dry for 10 to 12 hours to ensure the insoles are fully dry.

      • Terri Meadows says:

        I loved my Skechers w/memory foam, but I have never had a pair of shoes to become smelly like these shoes. I’ve washed them several times and allowed them to air dry; I’ve sprayed them with fabric sprays; and I have even put them in the freezer (someone told me to try it), but nothing has worked. I regret not being able to purchase another pair for fear it will happen again. They are still in good condition, but the smell is unbearable.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Memory Foam shoes are now available at Skechers Retail stores, and your favorite shoe stores. To see all of the shoes that feature Memory Foam insoles for comfort, check out the ‘Memory Foam’ category on

  1. Susan G says:

    I am looking to replace my Skechers SN12405 exo-skin resistance….with no success
    Please someone help me….I love love love these
    They have been the solution to my persistent heel pain
    Thank you

  2. Nicole says:

    I’ve had my memory foam shoes for about 4 months and the insides are beginning to smell and get hard. Is there a way to clean it so that they are back to the awesomeness of when I first got them?

      • SKECHERS says:

        Most of the Memory Foam insoles have a fabric covering, so you could conceivably dye these using fabric dye. I haven’t heard from any customer who had dyed the insoles, but it should be possible. You also may want to consider ‘reupholstering’ the insoles by using fabric glue to add an additional fabric layer, cut to the same shape, to the top part of the insole. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

      • James says:

        Yes you can. Just turned a pretty worn part of green *canvas* sketchers into much newer looking brown using 1/2 bottle of dark chocolate fabric dye.

  3. Marla says:

    Hi! I’m interested to know if Skechers will be providing sandals with the “memory foam” type sole. The Go Run shoes are comfortable, but I would like something for the warm summer months.
    Thanks for your response. :)

  4. Jackie says:

    What type of skecher is good for long distant walking normal gait for women that are light, comfortable and prevents toe blisters? And should I go up a 1/2 or whole shoe size. Thank you

  5. L says:

    Can the shoes with memory foam be machine-washed? Or how do you recommend washing them? Mine were white when I bought them, but not now. Mostly the mesh on the front and sides looks dirty. Flex Appeal Spring Fever. They have been great for avoiding my usual heel pain (plantar fascitis).

    • Alice Roseboom says:

      I have had my Memory Foam Sketchers for a couple months, they feel lumpy now under my toes, the insoles feel like they are glued in, should I wash them to see if makes them pliable again?

      • SKECHERS says:

        If you find that the Skechers Memory Foam insoles are less comfortable, you may want to try removing them and washing them (on the gentle cycle, and air dry only) to revive them, it has worked for some customers. The insoles should be re-fastened into the shoes using rubber cement or ‘Shoe Goo’ if possible. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  6. Debbie says:

    My husband loves the memory foam sneakers but needs to replace the insoles. Can you buy replacements? Please let me know, Thanks

    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi, Debbie. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, however, we do not sell or stock replacement insoles at this time. Our shoes fit any standard insoles you can find at your local merchants, such as sporting goods or retail stores, that carry shoe accessories.

  7. Amber Cantu says:

    A lot of us were wondering if you can machine wash the shoes that have memory foam. Can we get a response? Please and thank you!

    • SKECHERS says:

      Most non-leather casual shoes can be safely machine washed on the gentle cycle and air-dried. Do not machine wash light-up shoes. For shoes with Skechers Memory Foam™ insoles, allow shoes and insoles to air dry for 10 to 12 hours to ensure the insoles are fully dry. Please do not put shoes or insoles in the dryer.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Yes, Skechers GOrun Ultra has the most Resalyte shock absorption of any of the Skechers Performance running shoes, and a thick supportive midsole designed for running longer distances. Customers tell us it is very cushioned and supportive.

  8. Mitch says:

    I bought my wife 2 pairs of the Gray 11883 and she loves them. However, the insoles wear out in appox. 3 months because of how much she wears them. She’s tried other “memory foam” replacements but nothing compares to the ones that come with Sketchers. Is there any way for us to get insoles directly from Sketchers?

      • JayElle says:

        Hey Sketchers folks,
        Why not tack on a few dollars and provide a second pair of insoles with shoes just like you sometimes do with shoe laces? If the insoles wear out as quickly as customers are claiming, you should have an option to purchase them separately.

      • SKECHERS says:


        Thanks for your feedback! We will certainly pass on your thoughts to our production team. Thanks for your interest in Skechers!

  9. Kimberly Collachi says:

    My husband loves his skechers with the memory foam inserts! My question is do you sell the inserts separately? He removes them daily from his sneakers to put in his steel toe work boots. . Thanks!

    • SKECHERS says:

      Yes, as long as they are not the leather or suede slippers. Wash on delicate cycle, put them in a laundry bag, air dry only. Please do NOT put your slippers in the dryer.

  10. Linda says:

    Hi I love my 11892 skech-knit gel-top memory foam sneakers. I tried to buy a back up pair and bought the 12034 which had the same description but the insoles are not nearly as soft or plush and do not have the additional gel piece sewn in the heel. Is there a current shoe that has the old plush insole?

    • SKECHERS says:

      11892 is an Equalizer, so it has the standard Gel-Infused Memory Foam insole, rather than the ‘Gel Top’ model of the other shoe.

      The Equalizers in stock are doing that heel pad, so I could recommend looking at the Skech-Flex (12125, 12126) or Skech-Air 2.0 models (12101, 12046, 121031) which both have the pad-less Gel insoles.

  11. bobbie says:

    Is ur shoes made out of LATEX?!?! HOW ur memory foam Made out of LATEX?!! I have a server allergy to LATEX. And I love sketcher shoes. Thank u for ur help.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Some customers have advised they wear the shoes with their orthotics, either by laying the orthotic on the Memory Foam insole, or by removing the Memory Foam insoles.

  12. Molly says:

    I just bought the 11883 shoes and I was wondering if they are waterproof. If they are not, is there a specific method recommended to waterproof them?

    • SKECHERS says:

      The Flex Appeal – Next Generation shoes (11883) are not waterproof as they come. I would advise applying Scotchguard or a similar fabric protectant product to the fabric and synthetic upper to make them water resistant. — Tim, the Shoe Guy

    • SKECHERS says:

      Nylon/Mesh Shoes: Most non-leather casual shoes can be safely machine washed on the gentle cycle and air-dried. Do not place shoes in dryer. For shoes with Skechers Memory Foam™ insoles, allow shoes and insoles to air dry for 10 to 12 hours to ensure the insoles are fully dry.

      • max says:

        Thank you for answering my question whether or not Skechers Go Run shoes are machine washable. I don’t run for exercise. Only if I have to. I have to tell you, at 56, these shoes are like rockets on my feet. I can also feel a good “pump” in my legs and glutes, just walking in them. Very comfortable and the pain in my feet is now gone. My arch is a bit high and my pain was mostly in the balls of my feet. Was. Way cool. And I was fortunate to buy these at a ridiculous clearance price. Less than $20, with tax! Needless to say, my next pair, or two, maybe three yet to buy, will be Skechers. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

  13. Pierre says:

    I love the insoles – but they have ran their life and are falling appart after about 4 months of use: I would want to buy a new set Please please please offer the insoles by themselves, I would buy multiple sets!

  14. Pam says:

    I intend hiking a few days in Vietnam in the rainy season, I want to wear one of my many pairs of memory soled skechers, if soles get wet can I keep using them. I wont have 12 hours to dry while hiking. I can only take one pair shoes with me. And if wet will they still work as good?

    • SKECHERS says:

      There should be no problem with the Memory Foam shoes if they get wet, they may make a little noise, but should perform just fine. You may want to machine wash them after the trip is over. Have a great trip! – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  15. Patricia Ryan says:

    The skechers we have all smell and most of my family have them. I know you say there is antibacterial on them but really for the amount of people who are complaining about the smell I think Skechers really need to look at this. The number of people is also too varied which leads me to believe either the antibacterial is not good enough or there is an issue with the material. What will Skechers do to address this issue? After the first wash after every 3rd or 4th wear they need to be washed again.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Thanks for your feedback! We will pass this on to our Product team to review.

      In the meantime, place the shoes in a sealed plastic bag with activated charcoal or an open box of baking soda, that usually helps to absorb the smell. Also, whatever smell usually goes away with washing (gentle cycle, air dry only. Do not put shoes in dryer). The shoes might not be completely dry if they’re still smelling after washing. I advise you allow the memory foam to fully dry, to where they are not feeling damp even if pressed down. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  16. lisbeth says:

    i need replacement insoles-uneven distribution ( result of foot surgery and knee derangement) has caused uneven pressure.
    Can I purchase NEW memory foam insoles for my sneaks?

  17. Vicky Klausman says:

    I have purchased six pairs of memory foam shoes over the last year. I take turns wearing them to work. I love them, but they all are now uncomfortable and need new memory foam insoles. Skechers really needs to offer replacement insoles since all of my shoes still look like new. I do not want to have to buy a new pair of shoes every three months when the insoles wear out. Please address this issue as soon as possible. Including an extra pair of insoles with each pair of shoes as someone else mentioned in a comment would be an excellent idea.

  18. Rachael Harris-Brown says:

    I have recently bought three different type of memory foam Skecher shoes two months ago & all of them smell. I have followed your direction s & washed them all once. The smell returned after being washed only after wearing a couple times. They are incredibly comfortable but maybe skecher s should highly consider making all of there memory foam shoes with removable insoles so that washing & replacing them will be made easy!

    • SKECHERS says:

      After you wash your shoes, make sure that they are completely air dried before wearing them again. If you continue to run into issues, I would recommend that you try to deodorize the shoes by putting in some activated charcoal ‘Sneaker Tamers’ or similar charcoal odor absorbing products at night, or by sealing the shoes in a plastic bag for a few days with activated charcoal or a freshly opened box of baking soda. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  19. dlr says:

    I have 4 pair of Skechers with memory foam. I love the comfort but they are the only shoes that I have problems with regarding odor. I have tried EVERYTHING…febreze, shoepourri, foot powder and sprays, washing in vinegar, baking soda, charcoal, machine washing and air drying, etc. They are so incredibly comfy, but I cannot abide the constant funk! And they are far too pricey to keep replacing every time a pair gets rank (which only take a few days). I have no problems like this with any other shoes. You all really need to work on this. I would love to buy more, but the incurable stench is a real dealbreaker.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Sorry to hear you are having issues with odor! To get at the root of the problem – to take away an odor, you can either cover it up, remove the agent causing the odor, or deaden your reception to the smell.

      Usually the baking soda or activated charcoal solution is best to remove the odor-causing agents, as that absorbs and nullifies anything causing a smell. If sealing them in an airtight bag containing an odor-absorbing material is not enough to absorb the smell, you may want to try using a second or third treatment – activated charcoal really is the best odor-absorbing material, it’s what they use in industrial cleanups.

      Machine washing with odor-absorbing detergents, combined with an odor absorbing treatment when air-drying may also work. When air-drying, usually wait 10-12 hours to make sure the memory foam is completely dry.You did mention you’ve tried everything, but perhaps there is additional detail that may have helped you here. Thanks! – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  20. tiffany says:

    Just purchased Bob sketchers & got a couple of mud stain splashes on them. Any tips on getting the stains out without putting them in a gentle cycle wash? Thanks!

  21. Jasmin says:

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of sketcher go walk aspires to wear during my nursing clinicals. I purchased the white pair and the material fabric is soft but has the look of leather. My question is, should I wash these as if they were leather because they look like leather or could I simply place these in the washing machine? The material is soft and looks as if it could dirty easily. The description says the material is fabric with a leather textured upper. How should I go about cleaning these?

    • SKECHERS says:

      Your Skechers GOwalk Aspire is made from Leather-Tex, which is a fabric that has a smooth leather-like finish. It can be safely machine washed to clean – I recommend machine washing on the gentle cycle, placing both shoes in a similarly colored laundry bag or pillowcase, and air dry only. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  22. Nancy Imthorn says:

    Thanks Tim, I just purchased Gowalk Aspire with Leather-Tex fabric and was concerned with the care required. Being able to gently machine wash is a real bonus as we both know white shoes do get soiled.

  23. amy Yeh says:

    I normally where size 6 for my sandals and flip flops. I bought size 6 for this memory foam shoes. I was wondering if I should of got the 6.5 or stay at size 6.
    Thank you for your time! Looking forward to your response!

    • SKECHERS says:

      If you normally wear a size 6, I would recommend trying that same size in a Skechers Memory Foam shoe. The insole provides a custom-feel fit, and if the length at the toe feels good, you should not have to try a larger size. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

    • SKECHERS says:

      Yes. Rain or wet conditions should not affect the Memory Foam insoles comfort or support. You may want to apply a waterproofing treatment to the shoe to help protect it if you are planning to wear these in wet conditions. If the memory foam gets wet, please allow the shoe to completely air dry. Do not place the shoe in the dryer. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  24. I have Leather elite slip ons with memory foam which I LOVE but…they are starting to smell, and get hard, how do I clean these? I saw your posts about putting NON leather in washer but how do I clean memory foam in leather shoes. Thanks

    • SKECHERS says:

      I advise using a leather cleaning spray or lotion to clean the leather uppers of the Synergy Elite sneakers, and the non-leather parts of the shoe can be cleaned with mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth. -Tim, the Shoe Guy

  25. Christina says:

    I see that people have asked if there is any latex in three memory foam and your reply is no. What is your memory foam made out of? I have a serve allergy to latex and ever time I wear my sketcher go walk 3 my feet heat up and I feel like I am walking or standing on a heating pad?? Any suggestions as to why that is happening? I love the softness due to I have heal pain but can’t tolerate the feeling of the bottom of my feet on fire.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Skechers Memory Foam is made out of modified polyurethane/polyether polyol. It is latex free.

      Skechers GOwalk 3 does not have a Skechers Memory Foam insole. Instead, it has Skechers GOga mat technology which is made out of synthetic rubber/TPE/EVA. Also latex free.

      If you have any further questions or concerns or if you’d like to discuss what you are specifically experiencing, please contact us at

  26. Janet magill says:

    Just wondering how the sizes go in the kids go walk my daughter is a size 2 normally but I found I went down a size in mine in the shop they said they go from 13.5 then next size is a 2 but on a website on line I saw a size one I bought my daughter a size 13.5 but they are too tight help please

    • SKECHERS says:

      The next size up from a child’s size 13.5 is a size 1 – if the size 13.5 is too tight, you may want to return those and purchase the same shoe in a size 1 or even 1.5. – Tim, the Shoe Guy

  27. Jasmine says:

    Thanks. But do u have an alternative? I can’t get it to a shoe repair shop either. Also, can it walk through rain? since where I’m going for holiday rains a lot. I will be walking a lot of the time. For now, I have kept papers in the shoe to keep it a bit stretched so hopefully at least a small change will show.

    • SKECHERS says:

      Papers or some similar type of shoe form could help to stretch the shoe a bit, or a wooden shoe tree if available. Some customers have found they can stretch shoes out a bit by wearing them with two pair of thicker socks, then wearing the shoes barefoot or with a single pair of thinner socks once they stretch a bit.

      The shoes are not waterproof, I would recommend giving the uppers a treatment with Scotchguard or a similar waterproofing spray to make them water resistant. If your insoles get wet, make sure to let them air dry as much as possible (do not place insoles or shoes dryer).


    Please please please let us buy the insoles separately. I would love to purchase some replacement insoles for my shoes and other shoes too:) I love the memory foam. I’ve tried 6 different types of after market insoles, and nothing compares to yours. I have tons of pairs of VANS that I would like to put your insoles in. Is this a possibility in the future? I mean, you already make them. Just work out the cost and packaging to sell them separately. Come on now! You are a business right? I’d pay $20 a pair.

  29. Anne says:

    I love the pink memory foam insoles, and I would love to be able to buy a pair of them to make my work supplied boots majorly more comfortable, can I buy them anywhere?

  30. Lois says:

    Am I able to wash the go walk 2 and 3? I own four pair, and they smell horribly. They’re not cheap and I’ve only worn this year’s three or four times.

  31. Lois says:

    I own four pairs of sketchers go walk, 2 and 3 with memory foam. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. HOWEVER, they smell so badly. Even my new ones this year, that I’ve worn about three times, and my feet are always clean when I wear them. Please help!

    • SKECHERS says:

      Cleaning instructions in general – if a shoe has no leather or suede content like many Skechers Sport Memory Foam shoes, they should be machine washable – we recommend washing on the gentle cycle cold, placing both shoes in a laundry bag or pillowcase and air dry only.

      If the shoes have leather or suede in the uppers, or if you do not wish to machine wash, I recommend using a leather or suede cleaning product to clean those materials, and non-leather shoes can be hand washed using mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.

      Hope these will help, Lisa!

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