SKECHERS Answers YOUR Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Have a question about your SKECHERS footwear, but not sure who to ask? See if it’s answered below by SKECHERS’ own Tim the Shoe Guy in this month’s FAQ!

How do I clean my shoes?
Tim the Shoe Guy: I usually advise against washing your shoes in the washing machine – it tends to shorten the life of your shoes, and it may damage leather uppers or fine details. Instead, I advise you to clean leather shoes with a leather cleaning spray or lotion (readily available at most drug stores or shoe stores), and non-leather shoes or parts of shoes with mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.
Check out all the hottest girls' styles, including Bella Ballerina, at!

Why don’t you make Twinkle Toes or Bella Ballerina shoes for women?
Sometimes SKECHERS will make a more popular girls’ design in women’s sizes – it’s all based on how much demand there is for a particular style. The Bella Ballerina™ shoes are very new and right now are only available for bigger girls due to the spinning disk design.

What are all the new Pro Series shoes best used for?
TSG: The SKECHERS Resistance Trainer™ Pro-TR shoes have the most lateral support, and is a great shoe for general training and most athletic activities.  The SKECHERS Resistance Runner™ ProRESISTANCE™ sneakers are cushioned to activate more muscles in every step – so it’s great for those who want to train or run harder in shorter periods, whether they run, walk or jog.  The SKECHERS Resistance Runner™ ProSpeed™ sneakers are the lightest shoes in the Pro series, and are ideal for running, jogging and walking, including racing and competing.

Where can I buy this shoe near me?
TSG: While the easiest answer to this question is often “right here at,” we also recommend looking at our Store Locator that will not only show you SKECHERS retail stores in your area, but all stores selling SKECHERS shoes.

What’s new and exciting at
Fall is just around the corner! Gear up with the latest styles of SKECHERS boots for men and women!TSG: It’s always an exciting time of year around now – boot season is here, and has a lot of boots up now and even more coming in.  We’re really excited about our newest generation of SKECHERS Fitness shoes, including the exciting and hot-selling Shape-ups Liv by SKECHERS™.  Of course, kids are crazy for light-up shoes like Luminators™ and the newest Hot Lights™ for boys, and the SKECHERS Bella Ballerina™ shoes are very popular with girls.

We’re also excited to be teaming up with McDonald’s for a Happy Meal toy and coupon – girls can save on SKECHERS Twinkle Toes™ sneakers, and women can save on all SKECHERS fitness and athletic shoes!

Written by: Tim the Shoe Guy

Tim is the web merchandising manager for SKECHERS and has years of experience selling running and athletic shoes for other retailers.


  1. Jane Legus says:

    I just purchased 2 more pair of GoWalk2. I love them because the toe bed is just a bit wider
    and I can wear 9.5 instead of a 10 that I usually wear in your other styles.


    How do you recommend cleaning Twinkle Toes? My toddler had an “accident” but she LOVES her sparkly shoes. I can’t risk destroying them! Help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi, Jane! We don’t recommend washing these as it may damage the lights and sequins. Instead, we recommend hand washing with mild soap or diluted laundry detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. A little fabric protectant like Scotchguard on the shoes (once they’re clean and dry) will help keep them clean and protected in the future.

  3. Betty says:

    Hi I just bought two pairs off twinkle toes shows at shoe Carnival and one of the shoe light would not turn off they stay on all day. Is there something wrong??? Shoe Carnival said they couldn’t return them to contact sketchers instead. Can you please help I don’t feel comfortable having my child wearing them and since I have twin my other child won’t wear hers cuz they fight for the same pair and I don’t know u but I don’t have money to be wasting in another pair since I just got this. So any help???

    • SKECHERS says:

      Hi Dave, Nearly all of the Performance division shoes don’t have Memory Foam but are nicely supportive, all of the GOwalk, GOrun and On the GO shoes.Hope this helps!

  4. Michelle Gulledge says:

    I bought my son a pair of Skechers Air Lightz. He hasnt worn them long and the lights are already out in both shoes! He is so disappointed that his shoes don’t light up anymore. What is the expected time the lights are suppose to stay lit while the shoes are worn?

  5. Victorino Hidalgo says:

    I have the nonslip work shoes for 5 m months now and the inside front part of the shoes are coming off. I only wear them 2x a week. Is there a warranty on this shoes? All my shoes and my family wear sneakers and this are the only one that has a defect. C an I exchange it since it’s a manufacturers defect?

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