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    We’re back for part two of our holiday gift guide (this time, for her)! Deck out your squad, sister, mom and more in the latest sneakers, casuals, slippers and boots – perfect for walks, runs and relaxing by the fire. … Continue reading

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    The holiday shopping season is on… hit the ground running! Grab your list and beat the rush with this easy cheat sheet on the most popular athletic, casual, comfort and boot styles for men. MAN’S BEST FRIEND You probably didn’t … Continue reading

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    As we transition into autumn, we asked Laura Boswell of Walking in Memphis in High Heels for some seasonal style thoughts for mom and daughter. I work all day Monday through Friday, so come weekend, it is mine and Leighton’s … Continue reading



Getting all the items checked off your gift list can be exhausting—generosity for your friends and family is fun but can be stressful!  Hopefully most of the hard work is behind you now so you can take a little time to decompress…at least before everything kicks into high gear again for the December holidays.

Sit back and relax in a pair of totally comfy Relaxed Fit Washington – Bellevue boots.  This slip-on style with a soft suede upper and Air-Cooled Memory Foam insole is perfect for snuggling up with a blanket, your dog, a cup of hot cocoa and a holiday movie so the worries vanish away!

And if you still have gifting to do…Skechers makes it easy to shop online.  Visit skechers.com to see top options for the men, women and kids in your life. Just be aware of our shipping deadlines to ensure delivery by 12/23:

Standard Shipping: Order by 12/11 at 5PM PT
Express Shipping: Order by 12/15 at 5PM PT
e-Gift Cards: Order by 12/21 at 5PM PT

What is your favorite way to relax and find comfort during the busy holiday season?  Let us know in the comments!




Let’s get ready to SHOP! We hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving because today Skechers is kicking off the holiday shopping season with great can’t miss deals in our retail stores and online at skechers.com.

Our featured Black Friday offer is 20% OFF two or more items so you’ll save when stocking up on gifts for the entire family! And we want the fun to last all weekend long so you’ll be able to get this great offer now through Sunday, November 27.

Skechers ELITE members save even more! Check your email for your exclusive offer and if you’re not a member yet, join right now here! It’s FREE to join and you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for reward certificates, get free shipping both ways from skechers.com, plus receive insider news on new styles.


And if you don’t have a chance to shop this weekend, the savings continue on our website for CYBER MONDAY on November 28! So you can shop for great gifts for men, women and kids from anywhere at all! All the deals available on skechers.com can also be accessed via our super easy-to-use and convenient mobile app. Download it today for Apple or Android devices.

PLUS—because we love you so much, for a limited time we’re giving away free socks with any purchase over $50. Just add code FREESOCKS and add any sock pack to your cart and you’ll be good to go! Learn more here.




The feast is almost upon us! While food and drink is almost always at the core, everyone has uniquely special memories or traditions tied to this great holiday. We asked around the office to get some thoughts and stories. Let us know what you love about tomorrow in the comments and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving means anywhere between a dozen and two dozen, and even once, almost three dozen family and friends gathering around a very long Thanksgiving table that stretches from the dining room through the living room (furniture is cleared). After stuffing ourselves, we get out the games. The favorite for the entire group is Taboo. Gets crazy. But then friends leave and a smaller group plays Bannagrams until the tiles blend together from exhaustion.

Every year we have a Family game of football for Thanksgiving before the big meal. Even grandpa joins in the fun!

We always choose two people to pull apart the wish bone from the Turkey and whoever wins makes a wish!

I usually watch the movie Home for the Holidays – reminds me of my family. Wine is also with me during this special moment.

After an evening of eating and drinking, my family ends Thanksgiving with games. The adult beverages consumed by all makes it quite interesting…and hilarious!

Every year for Thanksgiving, my family flies in from all over the country to stay at my parents’ house in San Diego. The morning of Thanksgiving, we all wake up and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV while my mom prepares my grandmother’s egg casserole recipe. Once the parade ends and the coffee is gone, we pop champagne and turn on the football games while the whole family helps prepare the Thanksgiving feast. After dinner, we gather around the fireplace, sip the finest wines my uncle brings over and share all the things we are thankful for.

LCR aka Left Center Right! Every year my fiance’s family of about 40 pushes several tables together and lines up around them to play. It gets pretty wild!

One year, we had Thanksgiving with friends at our place…we stuffed ourselves with tons of food, blew up a big air bed and all lay on it together, watching movies up on our ceiling with an old projector. A great way to indulge on Thanksgiving night when you can hardly move!

I’m 28 years old and still banished to the kids table because my grandparents are too cheap to borrow a bigger table for everyone. That’s OK because I tell all my nieces and nephews that they’re allowed to have extra pie to make them go sugar crazy.




Ah, the Holiday Season is in full swing.  This is my favorite time of year. The lights. The fun gatherings. Time with friends + family. Watching holiday movies. Delicious treats. The massive amounts of calories that add up to that obnoxious holiday weight gain.

Yeah, that last bit is the part of the holidays I’d like to skip right over. Just a wild guess, you’d like to avoid that part too?

If my guess is correct, then you are in the right place my friend. I have some sensational news for you! There is a way to make it through the holiday season without gaining weight. Without feeling like a sludge-meister. Without spending so much time in the gym it becomes your second job.

Here’s the best part—it’s simple + it works.

Today I’m sharing with you the three C’s to avoiding the dreaded holiday weight gain. These are the same tips that Team Skechers will be focusing on through the Holiday Season at Skechers HQ.


#1 – COMMIT 

You want to be super-fit? Feel incredible? Be ridiculously healthy? Then you must embrace one simple truth. The key to your success lies in your mindset + beliefs. So, this is where we start.

Commit to your vitality. Commit to treating your body well. Commit to the right choices over what’s easy. Commit to eating to fuel your body. (Well, most of the time, we all need to indulge occasionally.) Commit to being a Health Superstar.

Commit. Recommit. And then commit again. Every dang day. We tend to be our own worst enemy. Do not “negotiate” with yourself.



Overdid it at the Thanksgiving table? Had an extra serving (or two or three) of your Aunt Debbie’s famous pumpkin pie? Skipped a workout or two? Come in closer so I can tell you something… It’s okay.

Being fit + healthy isn’t created in one day or at one meal. It’s about the long haul. Let’s stop with the guilt and beating ourselves up. Instead, stay consistent and get back to it!

Do not add to the stress of the holidays by setting unrealistic expectations on yourself. Even doing a five-minute workout can jack up your metabolism and keep you on track.

Not sure what kind of workout to do? You’re in luck! Here’s a super quick metabolic-blast workout video for you to try:

Let me wrap up this “C” by adding that the people that get results are the ones who stay consistent. You can count on that.

#3 – CARBS

This tip is one of my best secrets for getting my clients amazing results when it comes to shedding weight.

You must EARN your starchy/sugary carbs.

If you’re scratching your head right now and feeling lost, let me break it down for you.  I like to split carbs into two main categories.

  • Fibrous carbs = plant-based foods
  • Starchy / sugary carbs = foods made with flour (cookies, cereals, bread, pasta), rice, potatoes, or sugars (from fruits, sweetened beverages, desserts)

You want to lean out + transform your body?  Give this a try:

Only eat starchy / sugary carbs within two hours after working out. Again, this strategy is for someone who is looking to shed excess weight.

Before you sit down to that ginormous holiday meal. Before you go to a party with tempting treats. Before you go out for drinks with friends. Have a sweat sesh beforehand so your body can use the carbs you eat, rather than store them as fat.

Try that quick workout video embedded above the next time you need to “earn” some carbs.


There you have it!  Give these 3 C’s a try and make this holiday season fabulous.

Focus on the magic of the season. Spend time over the holidays connecting with others. Be intentional about which holiday treats you will indulge in. Have fun + laugh a lot—it looks amazing on you.

On behalf of myself and everyone at Skechers,

Happy Holidays Team!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!  Post and let me know how you keep yourself on track during the Holiday Season.

Alicia Murphy is a fitness expert for people who want to get ridiculously healthy by training their stress response. She also trains Team Skechers on site at their headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California. Through her totally addictive HAPPYness Hours, free challenges + virtual programs, she’s here to help you shake up your approach to stress—and learn to use it as a tool to achieve your health goals. When she’s not coaching, you can find her running on the beach or hanging out at Disneyland with her son. Meet Alicia + transform stress into your SUPERPOWER at StressMonkee.com.





With crunchy leaves on the ground and cooling weather spreading across the country, it’s not hard to notice that we’re deep into the Autumn season. The Windy City can experience extremes of every season so we asked Chicago-based lifestyle writer Kyle Hocking to share a few looks perfect for this time of year.

LOOK ONE: Autumn Beach Walks

Hands down my favorite part of fall are the boots. You can never have too much. Black and brown is one of my favorite color combos and these brown leather Mark Nason Barnsley boots pair perfectly with these black fitted chinos. The only struggle I ever have with boots is getting them off. Even more so after a long commute home in the city on a freezing night. These boots have a side zipper, ideal for easy take-off. Plus – they go with everything.

LOOK TWO: Saturday Morning Workouts

There is nothing I like more than a simple workout shoe or sneaker. Something that goes with everything. Every color, pattern and style. The Skechers Burst – Second Wind sneaker does just that. No matter what outfit I have on – they can always be the go to shoe for early morning walks, jogs and gym routines in the crisp autumn air. They also may be the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.

Kyle Hocking is a lifestyle writer focusing on menswear, fitness and travel. His goal was to help fill a gap in men’s style coverage – everyday tips for the casual guy. His notes on lifestyle and fashion are meant to inspire and help keep it simple. Follow Kyle on Instagram @kylehocking to keep up with the latest styles and trends. Kyle is also a contributing writer for GQ and Virgin America.




Rock your old denims in the hottest new sneakers! We asked our fashion-savvy marketing intern Taylor for her top three Skechers sneaks, and tips on how she styles them with her favorite jeans.



Casual cuties and fitness fanatics REJOICE (as if you need an excuse to wear sneaks with your outfit)… the athleisure trend is going absolutely nowhere! We’ve got this look covered with Skechers Burst sneakers that pair perfectly with black denim skinny jeans. Who says you have to be heading to the gym? Not us! Rock your Skechers Burst – Divergent to grab a yummy juice or meet up for lunch with friends. No matter the occasion, athleisure is IN and on the rise, so take advantage of this comfy-chic trend while you can.😉

Tip: These high-tops work great with a jean jacket, simple white T and skinny jeans – sometimes you just have to go #backtothebasics.



In terms of sneaks, WHITE is the new black. Plain white sneaks are all the rage, so slip on these classic Skechers Originals in white with a pair of light blue skinny jeans and you’re all set this season. These are the perfect walking shoes – so whether you’re running around town or are taking a relaxing walk through the fall foliage, you can do it all in comfort.

Tip: Invest in some low-cut socks! Socks are out and bare ankles are IN!



We’re celebrating ten years of D’Lites! Pair our black and white D’Lites – Biggest Fan sneaks with some loosely fit boyfriend jeans and stroll around downtown – the perfect place to rock the “IT” trends. On top of being super comfy and cute, D’Lites make you a little taller – so stash those painful heels in the back of your closet and rock this fun retro style!

Tip: Cuff your BF jeans at the bottom and show off your ankles – it really completes the look!

How do you style your Skechers sneaks for fall? Tell us in the comments!



We’re approaching the big night of haunts for 2016!  Save the trick or treating for Monday and spend this weekend snuggling up with someone special as you watch a perfect movie for the occasion. We asked around the office for some staff favorites. Some are super scary. More are totally fun—surprisingly many members of our team aren’t huge fans of the frightful flicks. In any case they’ll all put you in the right mood for Halloween! Let us know what you’ll be screening this weekend in the comments.


Hocus Pocus
Hands down! I don’t do horror, so this movie is the perfect combo of spooky and silly for me.
– Jill

Editor’s note:  It’s only listed here once, but Hocus Pocus was BY FAR the favorite Halloween movie of those we asked.  It turns out quite a few grew up with this Disney classic in the early 90’s.


Stephen King’s Carrie
(Only the Sissy Spacek version!)… because I like how she gets revenge on all of the mean, horrible bullies… Karma, all I am saying.


Nightmare on Elm Street
Is there anything better than a man with a melted face, creepy sweater and claws who haunts your dreams? Plus you get to watch Johnny Depp play a young jock who gets slaughtered…




Once October hits I am all about Disney Halloween movies. Halloweentown, Phantom of the Megaplex, Don’t Look Under the Bed… all of them! I grew up watching these movies so it’s become tradition.


Nightmare Before Christmas
Because “this is Halloween, this is Halloween!”


The movie came out when I was young and when it plays every year on TV, it brings me back to that carefree time in my life. Also, I’m really just a kid at heart.


I was frightened by the Darktopolypse Ritual.


Practical Magic
I love the witchcraft in the movie.


Great combination of comedy and horror with a solid cast.


The Conjuring
I love “real life” paranormal horror flicks and this 70’s set story is one of the best.  The sequel is pretty great too for a double feature.

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